Gift Bags for rescuers--Advice needed

My favorite animal rescue charity, Pasados Safe Haven, is having a welcome-home party for the 45 rescuers that took time out of their lives and jobs to go to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to get some of the animals out. They left the Seattle area right after the storm hit and most of them are still there. They went into places and saw images that you and I could not imagine. They rescued over 1000 animals that would have surely perished without their efforts.

Soooo…on November 6th, there will be a welcome home party for them and they are trying to put together gift bags for each of the rescuers. According to the coordinator, so far they have a box of chocolates and a movie pass. Something tells me we can do better than that!

I know that some of you are very crafty I could also use some suggestions. I’ve racked my brain and have concluded that I need some help here…this is what I got so far…

Teas and Coffees?
Engrave plaques, awards or mugs?
Lotions and Potions?

???See why I need help???

Here is the link to the site–feel free to make a donation on your own!!
Thanks so much guys!


How about some beignet (sp) mix from the Cafe du Monde?

What kind of budget are we talking? Are these items donated?

Anyway, I think Zebra’s idea is brilliant!

I’d also suggest something like a fleece blanket (maybe even embroidered with a commemoration message).

We are trying to get as many items donated as possible, but some want to just give an amount to go towards purchases…

Good ideas though!

I don’t know the exact company, but my boyfriend’s parents gave me a gift certificate that was redeemable at numerous online stores. I’m looking around but I’m not finding it…There were about 100+ stores that accepted the card, so it was nice that I had my pick.

That or you could get a gift certificate for a half hour-full hour of massage. I’m sure that would be much appreciated by people who will need to get those knots out of their bodies!