Gift for 5-year Old Girl

My older daughter, 5.5 years old, gets small gifts from me from time time, outside of the usual birthday/Christmas gift-giving.

They’re usually small and inexpensive. They’re often given when I return from a trip, or when she returns from a trip (if, say, her mother has taken our daughters up to Canada to visit Nanny, and I had to remain at home).

This time, she’d like “a key chain with a little dog.”

Is this a thing? I know there are fads, and I’ve certainly observed little girls (more so than boys) hanging things from their backpacks that could be key chains.

Is this “key chain with a little dog” a particular thing that kids want now? I have no idea.

Any guidance much appreciated.

Does it matter if it’s a thing or not? If it’s something she wants and is available then there isn’t a problem, right?

My kids are a few years (three to five) older, but sometimes they wanted thing just for the heck of it. Sometimes it was something they had seen. Lots of variables at play.

She might be talking about a Tamagotchi. Those little key chain pets are making a come back! Tamagotchi Have Returned to Bewitch a New Generation | WIRED

You could start a tradition of bringing her a souvenir key chain every time you travel out of town. I’ve known people to collect souvenir fridge magnets or shot glasses.

If it’s available, there isn’t a problem. Exactly.

But that’s my question. Is this “key chain with a little dog” something that is available? Is it something the other kids have, and she has seen? Or is this something she has imagined, and I have to make up out of a key chain and some little dog figure that I’ll somehow attached to a key chain? And if I do that, will she be disappointed because she’s expecting something different?

A quick Google search for “dog keychain” reveals that yes, they are a thing, and readily available, at least online, in numerous different styles, from little 3D figures to 2D figures to rather abstract “dogs”. Whether it’s currently a fad among 5 year olds, and if so which particular style is the fad, I have no idea. BTW, prices range from about $4 to over $500(!) for Louis Vitton.

There’s a brand of toys called ‘Littlest Pet Shop’. They may have some with hanger clips. My granddaughters 3.5 and 5.5, LOVE that brand

Key to a Ferrari on a Dachshund collar.

What? I’d like that!

Thanks, everyone.

I didn’t google it because I didn’t think “dog keychain” would produce any useful results.

Apparently, it would have.

So there are dog keychains. I don’t know where my daughter saw one, but she wants one. Or several. I’ll get her some.

Thanks again!

I collected keychains for a while–there are everything keychains. (One that I still have–with keys still on it–is a dog in a basket that belonged to my grandmother. Don’t know how old it is, but it was already “retired” by the time I came along. Maybe in the range of 70 years.)

One of my granddaughters collects keychains. They are on display, attached to her backpack. She may even trade with other kids at school.

Talk to your daughter! She may be clipping them to her backpack! Ask her if that is something she’d like to collect. You could bring her keyring mementoes from all the different places you go.

Some keyrings are classic. Troll dolls are a fad again! And always, always, ALWAYS, you can never go wrong with the poop emoji.