Gift for seven year old?

A friend is throwing a birthday bash for his twins (fraternal, boy and girl). They’re seven years old, and their folks are in mid-divorce, so things are a bit topsy-turvy. We’ve gotten a bit out of touch so I don’t know much about where or with whom the kids are living—and the party’s this weekend so I don’t quite have time to tactfully ask. Heck, I can’t really do anything tactfully, so time isn’t really the problem.

Anyway, here’s all I have to go on: seven. Rough time. Likes Angry Birds.


That’s all I have.

The last time we gave them loot it was a few pieces of percussion (small sized djembes and whatnot), but not knowing if they’re in an apartment with neighbours or space, something loud may not be the best option.
Our fallback is to head to Toys R Us the day before and wander about until something—anything—strikes us as a good idea (we have a two-year-old, so know the store but don’t know the age bracket).

But before we go, any suggestions from the Doper community? Something that we can have shipped overnight? Our range is somewhere between fifty and sixty per kid, if that helps. Oh, if it helps the Dad is Doper fodder—loves Firefly, Monty Python, etc., so a fun toy that would appeal to his warped sense of humour would be great.

Or, you know, a bean bag.


You can have fun with this -

You can amaze with one uber cool electronic gagdety toy per kid

or grab two big gift boxes with lids and fill with stuff for the imagination- sculpey (soft polymer clay), sketch pads, markers (all kinds), Klutz (DIYcraft/puzzle)books, plushie animals, crazy socks, candy, kids bop CD(evil), jump ropes, frisbees, toys that fly… you get the idea!

or shop online, fill the basket then ship it - browse for some ideas

With that coin you can get a couple pretty good sized Lego sets.

5 pounds of veal.


No one doesn’t like a Screaming Monkey Slingshot

Heh, thanks. My favourite words from your post sum up what I’m looking for: Uber. Cool. Evil.

Gadgety, maybe. I’ve seen some Firefly t-shirts, but those would be bonuses thrown in to make their dad happy (plus I can’t find them in kids’ sizes).


I have a seven-year-old boy. For the boy, you’re very likely to score with Pokemon or Bakugan (both are those indecipherable Japanese trading cards that involve imaginary fighting). There are lots of collections that come in nice metal boxes and would make great gifts, plus other kinds of accessories.

If you really want to spend, a DS or DS games also are very popular with boys that age.

I’m pretty sure they’re getting a PSPs – I’d be buying at random, though.

Screaming monkey slingshot FTW.

Ooooohhhhhhhhh yeah :cool:

I’d been marginally aware of Thinkgeek before, never paid it much mind. Went just a wee bit overboard, but I think these are perfect:

Tauntaun Sleeping Bags

They hit all the right spots. Parents and friends are Star Wars fanatics, so this’ll hit lots of nerves thataway. Sleeping bags are essential to growing up – and cool sleeping bags as well. And, well, given their newfound situation, there may be a bit of traveling in their future. So very happy–hope they are too.

Thinkgeek was out of stock on the monkey slingshots, but fortunately Amazon came through.

Do you know if the *kids *are into Star Wars?

My niece and nephew are seven year-old fraternal twins, and they definitely have their own interests. Boy likes sports and video games, girl likes Disney Princesses, Beads, and basically anything sparkly.

Although I will say that for their seventh birthday, the biggest hits were the mylar balloons I got them–Princess Castlefor the girl, Spidermanfor the boy.

Knowing them and their so-far upbringing, it’s a very safe bet that they at least like the films. What I liked about the idea is that even if they’re ambivalent or unaware at this time, it’s still a cute n’ fuzzy animal sleeping bag. And the parents will get and appreciate it–it will just be like a thousand Loony Tunes jokes that went over my seven-year-old head:I loved Bugs Bunny along with my parents; we just loved different aspects.

Oh, hedged my bet with the Screaming Monkeys. Not that they’ll be short of toys at the party, but they’ll have something tactile and instant to play with too.
Good idea on the balloons–will pick up a couple on the way to top the wrappings off.

Glad I could help. Now, you ARE getting the Airzooka, right? My kids used to see how far away they could stand and still hit me in the head with a blast of air. 40 feet seems to be the record.

Now you’d better be quick if you want a flying Nemohere…

for boys my nephews are practically addicted to beyblades.
for girls my nieces love anything tinkerbell/disney princesses.

Cool idea on the sleeping bags!

As for the screaming monkey slingshots be prepared for revenge gifts once your little one gets older. They are loud and annoying and the kids won’t be able to stop playing with them…:stuck_out_tongue:

Good god man you never buy evil kid gifts when your child is YOUNGER. What are you thinking.

Start preparing for the payback now.