gift ideas for a young-at-heart traveler/retiree

My boss of 17 years, is retiring at age 49! He said no presents or anything. I of course will ignore his wishes and organize a gift for him. He said he’ll be traveling and hitting all the baseball parks, and golf courses around the country. So I was thinking of a gift in that theme. Traveling gifts. We may have at least $50 to spend. Nothing too serious, we want to have some fun with this, or at least I do.

My ideas:

  • One of those US Almanacs things you can get at Wal-mart (or wherever) for like $6, maps of all the states.
  • A $10 gift certificate to a gas station, though I don’t think I know of one that sells gift certificates.
  • A set of 10 quarters, nickles and dimes for a trip to Chicago and back(those damn tollsbooths!)

So Dopers, I need ideas!

Off the top of my head:

a travel journal

if he’ll be driving around the country, a map file (to hold various maps)

I’ve seen a book (can’t remember title) about the best golf courses to visit.

there’s probably a bunch more that I don’t come to mind just now.

you could go with baseball and golf books. dan shaughnessy or those xxx said to xxx golf stories. will he be traveling alone or with someone?

perhaps as part of the goodbye gift y’all (all the coworkers) could autograph a baseball. perhaps some novelty golf items? towels or club covers.

Rocking Chair, he’ll probably be traveling with people here and there. I don’t think his friends have retired yet.