Gift ideas for my husband

Today was Mother’s Day and my husband knocked it out of the park. Seriously, short of a giant bag full of money he could not have done any better. Perfect gifts, a big brunch that he made and then cleaned up all the dishes afterward, and letting me sleep until almost 9 a.m. made this a perfect day. This took quite a bit of planning on his part, including driving to another state to pick up my present and doing an internet search for specific foods for the brunch. He did an awesome job.

I want to make sure that his Father’s Day is just as perfect. The one thing he has asked for is some type of hands-on hobby. He has decided he plays too many computer games and is looking for an alternative way to keep himself entertained. He is happy to consider a wide variety of stuff but he leans towards the more productive sort of thing (so, for example, he would rather build a model airplane than take up origami) and if it were something we could do together from time to time that would be good too. Any suggestions?

Fly tying? That’s only useful if you then fish with the flies.

Crochet? It may not seem manly, but I know plenty of men into yarn crafts. And it’s very easy, very creative, and he can churn out hats, scarves, stuffed toys, etc, as he improves. Plus, bonus, you always have gift ideas for him: new hooks, yarn, patterns (although there’s LOTS for free, start at

Wood burning is cool- you can make interesting decorative items.

Maybe glance through your local community college course catalog and see if anything strikes your mutual fancy? A culinary course, photography, a language neither of you knows? Those sound like fun things to do together and “productive”.

Culinary courses
Hot air balloon ride
RC vehicles
Metal detector
A day with a pro fishing guide
Pool table

There’s always the classic “building things out of wood”. :slight_smile: It’s tactile, with beautiful textures and smells, can be done on a large or small scale depending on how much room you have, and you can end up with useful objects!

Model rocketry

photography, train set, radio controlled plane, beer/wine making.

Train making, radio controlled beer, wine photography

Home brewing? Hands-on work with excellent productive drinkable results!

Pyrography? They do make some beautiful things that way.

If there’s a woodworking club in the area, he might be able to try things like pyrography, wood turning and scroll work to see if he enjoys them.

I agree with the suggestion to see if the community college in your area offers classes. Places like Home Depot also offer classes on basic things.

My former manager was given a woodworking class from his MIL and he was instantly hooked. He now makes the most incredible hand hewn items, such as a dining room table and a rocking chair.

I was going to suggest the exact same thing. Took a wonderful fly fishing course this morning. Picked up a fine rod,reel, line and case. Go here. Excellent fly fishing starter set for < 200. Of course, she may never see her husband again, but that may not be such a bad thing…:slight_smile: At least keep him outta the house.

Some wonderful responses! Just to give people a little more information, he is looking for something that can be done mostly at home to avoid having to pay for a babysitter. Also we don’t drink so home brewing is right out. But I will take a look at some of the other ideas and see what works for him. Keep the ideas coming!

You in some new sexy lingerie.

Picking a hobby for someone else is tricky. Unless he has expressed a specific interest. Maybe a gift certificate? Does he have a space of his own to do said hobby? Maybe having his own home studio / workshop would be nice. Do you have a spare room, attic, corner of the garage that can be his space?

As a guy who just picked up this hobby less than a year ago, I’m loving it. My suggestion would be to start him off slow (and more controlled) by getting him a small lathe for turning pens and handles and the like. It requires a lot less equipment if it’s focused on this part of woodmaking, but I’ve got an uncle that’s really into it and just loves (and sells) his finished products.

Golf clubs. A lifetime of enjoyment. And, yes, it’s something you can do together.

I’d like to digress for a minute.

You had a baby in the last year, right pbbth? And it was your first? Okay. You are riding the wave of that. Next Mother’s Day won’t be half so awesome. Be nice to your husband because you love him and stuff, but understand, this was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Just… sharing my empirical observations…