gigi, what DOES Immaculate Conception mean?

In this thread, post # 21, you indicated outrage.

I’m curious. ( And not sure this is a Pit thread, but the possibility of language getting foul led me to OP it here… )

What did you mean by your post there?

If my former Catholic husband taught me anything, I think Immaculate Conception is the idea that the Virgin Mary was without sin. A lot of people confuse it to mean that Mary conceived Christ as a virgin, but it actually refers to the sinlessness of Mary.

I could be wrong.

ETA: Right!

People tend to use the phrase “Immaculate Conception” to mean that Jesus was born of a virgin, when what it actually refers to is the belief that Mary was born without Original Sin. It’s strictly a Catholic belief.

The frequent confusion of the two makes Sister Mary Ignatius very irritated.

I thought the Immaculate Conception was the thought that Tebow was an NFL-quality QB.

As opposed to the great Christmas card I saw this year:

Dear Mary,

Just admit that you had an affair and slept with somebody else. This is getting out of hand.

Love, Joseph

That’s currently the last post in that thread. Is there some reason you couldn’t have just asked her, in that thread?

How could you not be sure it wasn’t a Pit thread? It’s in that forum!

I’m betting olives nailed it. It’s one of those “common beliefs” that’s wrong …like everyone “just knowing” that the Bible says people become angels when they die, complete with wings and white robes and harps.
ETA: Yeah, why not ask in that thread, or… just read the post and look up the term you didn’t know?

Because people report hijacks. And I felt it warranted its own thread.

ETA: Read the OP folks. I asked gigi why SHE wrote that. I do appreciate the varied interpretations, but my Google-fu is just fine and if I want to read up on R.C. dogma I can.

Her comment prompted my OP. I’m curious. Maybe others are too.

Nah. Immaculate Reception. Gotta be a miracle if a receiver catches anything he throws.

Well, at Catholic School, we always maintained that it referred to breakfast in bed.

Keep in mind that we were idiots (and probably still are).

Heeeee!!! You know, I have heard variations on that joke, and I always chuckle, but this is my favorite. “This is getting out of hand” just nails it for me.

I learned that the “immaculate conception” doesn’t mean the virgin birth right here on this board, years ago. One of those surprises right up there with pineapples not coming from trees.

ETA: Cartooniverse, it may have helped if you would have titled your thread, “gigi, what DO you think ‘immaculate conception’ means?”

No, it’s when Franco Harris caught that deflected pass in the Steelers game.

It’s not a hijack to ask what a poster means.

It didn’t.

Well, if you didn’t want other people to comment, then you should have just PM’ed her.

What do you mean “varied interpretations”? The interpretations offered in this thread are pretty much the same, aside from the ones that are obviously jokes. The misunderstanding of what “Immaculate Conception” means is a very common pet peeve among Catholics.

Well, you can tell them that Mariolatry is just stupid even by Christian standards. Read the Gospels and Acts: Beyond giving birth to Jesus and raising him, which any woman could do without being sinless, Mary doesn’t do anything. Sometimes she nags Jesus (like at the wedding at Cana – “The wine’s run out! Jesus, do something!” :rolleyes:). Otherwise she’s just, you know, around. She does no miracles and preaches no sermons. What’s the big deal? Queen of Heaven, my ass!

“You stay out of this, Mom!”

Well, we might as well spend some time on tangents here (since the actual thread would consist of olives giving a definition and Cartoony thanking her).

So, Catholics, what is the big deal with Mary? I’ve heard some of you say it’s because a woman’s less intimidating to deal with than Jesus (but he’s not that scary of a guy). As an asst. (Protestant) minister, I’ve read the Bible a few times. And I agree that she comes across as a good, solid Jewish Mother.

(And as a tangent on a tangent, isn’t it great that Jesus’s first miracle was turning tons of water into wine, just so a wedding celebration didn’t have to end early?)

One day in Heaven Jesus game to the Pearly Gates to speak with St. Peter. “Pete”, he said, “You’ve got to be more careful about who you let in here. There’s a lot of people wandering around here that really belong somewhere else.” St. Peter replies, “It’s not my fault. I turned those people away. But then they went around back to the kitchen door and your mother let them in.”

My favorite part of that story is that he made the wine too good. The wine steward was amazed that the host had kept the best stuff for last, instead of serving the dregs to the guests who were already sloshed.