Gilligan goes on permanent 3-hr tour. Bob Denver dead at 70

From the breaking news at CNN.
Peace be with ye, little buddy.

Good bye Mr. Denver, thank you for some wonderful childhood memories.

I’ll bet Mary-Ann comes to his funeral. She’s that kinda gal.

Sherwood Shwartz (Scherwood Schwartz?) will lay a coconut on the gravestone.

Sad news, indeed.

twicks, who remembers him as Maynard B. Krebs

I remember him as Maynard. Now, who remembers him as Rufus Butterworth, probably his best TV role?

Sorry to hear he’s gone.

This is such a shame because he always seemed to be one of those has-been legends that had a good sense of humor about it.

As you might guess, this is very sad news for me. I met Bob Denver once, a long time ago at a personal appearance at some mall. Very nice guy, talked with the fans for quite a while.

Odd coincidence, I was shopping yesterday and heard an announcement “Attention customers, will Russell Johnson please meet your party at the customer service desk?”

We’ll miss you, little buddy.

GI was the first TV Show I ever recorded!
The audio only, of course, in the sixties,
on a reel-to-reel tape recorder.

“I ask to be no not to be!”

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Gilligan’s Island transcended TV comedy to become surrealistic humor. Not unlike Green Acres.

To those who think shows like 24 have ridiculous premises and plot holes big enough to sail the SS Minnow through, take a second look at the show that set the standard for outrageous situations and premises.

Sad news. I love Gilligan.

Oh, yeah, George Bernard Shaw had nuthin’ on Sherwood Schwartz. Why you could write a sociological treatise on the “Mary Ann gets conked by a coconut” or “fat native loves Gilligan” episodes alone!

Couldn’t stand Gilligan.

But Maynard G. Krebs was a role model.

RIP, Bob.

I’ll miss him.

Aside from countless hours of entertainment he gave me as a kid, I later found out that he was a class guy who tried to help out his co-stars whenever possible. For example, he tried to make sure that Dawn Wells received as much publicity as Tina Louise and he was the primary force behind having “and the rest” changed to “the Professor and Mary Ann” in the opening theme.

Zev Steinhardt

Long-term head trauma from all those Skipper hat pummellings, no doubt.

Gilligan’s Island wasn’t my cup of Quik, even as a kid, but I loved his Saturday morning show *Far Out Space Nuts ** with Chuck McCann. * I said lunch, not launch!

It’s strange. They mention he was 70 and for some reason I can’t wrap my head around that… To me he will always be a Gilliganish 20 odd.

My favorite moment with him is from Space Ghost Coast to Coast when they have him sing “to be or not to be”. This was followed by very odd statements about the origin of the phrase.

Suddenly Space Ghost blurts out : “Look at me I’m talking Shakespeare with Gilligan!”

Still, you have to give credit to anyone who had his cast “performing” Hamlet to the music of Georges Bizet.

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be, do not forget, stay out of debt…”

Lots of fond childhood memories there.

This means TVLand will be running a Gilligan Marathon pretty soon.

RIP. You were a good mate, no matter what the Skipper said.

That would be TVisLand.

So is that 4 or five of the castmembers that are gone?

Mary Ann and Ginger are still alive, but I can’t remember if Russell Johnson is dead (I think he is).