Ginger? or Mary Ann?

My vote is for Mary Ann.

shorts, halter top, braids, pie making ability… Ginger was too vain and obviously high maintenence.
feel free to comment on other shows, too.

like, I prefer Baily to that Loni Anderson character on WKRP

I prefer Picard to Sisko, tho both beat Janeway. Come to think of it, Archer’s dog beats Janeway…

Jar Jar or Chewie?

Phoebe or Rachel?

(I’ll stop now…, for a while)

All of that leads up to my real post:

Sometimes, it seems that the character the show’s creators think will be a superstar falls flat and a minor character becomes the fans fave. Know of any other examples?

I’d rather spend eternity eating shards of broken glass, than spend one more minute with you.


also Mary Ann.


Mary Ann, as Ginger is a drag queen.

Who else would carry that many evening gowns on a three-hour tour?

Jar Jar or Chewie?

Phoebe or Rachel?
Mary Ann.

Chewie (we’re not talking sexiness here, are we?)


From That 70s Show: Donna or Jackie?
My vote goes to Jackie.

Mary Ann

Monica, Bailey, and Mary Ann.

In fact, something tells me that if the WWW were around in the early 1980’s, Jan Smithers would have become a much bigger star.

Mrs. Howell, DUH!

Baily Quarters.

The real question here is: Mary Ann, Bailey, Willow, Rachel, Phoebe, Jackie, Donna or Heidi the Tool Time Girl?

I vote for Heidi :slight_smile:

It’s gotta be MaryAnn , Bailey and from that 70’s Show you GOTTA take Donna…hmmmmm big red:p

Heck, even if we are. I mean, did Leia ever say that she’d rather kiss a Gungan?

On the Island, it’d Mary Ann, definitely, 100%, without a doubt. Ginger never really did anything for me, but Mary Ann, woo-hoo!

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar enough with the other shows to comment.

I have to say Mary Ann, as I dressed as Ginger, and my husband dressed as “The Professor and Mary Ann” for Dope-A-Ween.