Girl Scout cookies are evil: the Thin Mint straw

Take a Thin Mint. Nip off a tiny bit of the edge, then turn it 180 degrees and do the same on the other side.

Fill a glass with milk (or a mug with hot chocolate). Whatever you do, don’t use a cup of coffee spiked with Bailey’s. :slight_smile:

Dip one nipped edge of the cookie into the milk, place your lips on the other side and suck as you would a straw.

Thin Mints are porous, and the chocolate coating is airtight. The liquid will rise through the cookie.

Eat the cookie, which has now been “dipped in milk” (or cocoa, or whatever)* from the inside*.

Evil, I tell you. Evil.

You guys are way behind the bleeding edge of biscuit*-conduited beverage consumption. Behold the Tim Tam Slam, aka Tim Tam Suck, which has been around for least 10 years.

    • biscuit” is used here in the true, non-American, sense

Couple of scoops of Edy’s Thin Mint Ice Cream
Some Milk (we could add some Hershey’s and stop right here)
Creme De Cacoa
Creme De Menthe
Put it all in a blender

Thin Mint Grasshopper.

I also came in here to defend our Antipodean biscuit-sucking pride, but her you are with cites and everything. Onya.

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twickster, MPSIMS (and Cafe Society) moderator, who went through all three boxes of Thin Mints within a week of buying them – straight from the freezer, the way God intended people to eat Thin Mints

Let’s see. Nobel Prize or MacArthur Grant?

What the hell, I’ll nominate you for both.

I’m quite certain that Thin Mints have been around longer than 10 years.

Those cookies aren’t even made with real girl scouts!

Not any longer. People didn’t like the metallic taste and the weird texture. Nowadays, they apparently use a proprietary mixture of crack, heroin and methamphetamine.

Buy some extra boxes and put in the freezer. Find them in July and do the happy dance.

Unless they have Thin Mint sex and spawn litters in there, there aren’t going to be any left by July. Hell, there aren’t going to be any left by March.

Clearly, you’re not buying enough Thin Mints. I suggest another freezer to hold the extras.

I concur.

Weirdly, though… we still have 2 boxes of cookies in the freezer from last year. This is possibly only because I was the cookie mom and had 3 dozen for our family… and I genuinely forgot them! Hard to understand, huh?

Ahhhhh. They’re not available here for another two weeks. :frowning:

I made my own Thin Mints last year after I finished off three boxes in about a week. They weren’t too bad (about 90% close to the real thing). There are some good recipes out there. I can pass on tips to making them if anyone’s interested.

I quit smoking and drinking cold turkey with no problems whatsoever (thank God), but I will never, ever be able to pass up Thin Mints for the rest of my life. When I see those little green boxes I get a rush of excitement that turns into paranoia that someone will take them all if I don’t take them first. I try to be an honest person and despise thieves, but I came this close to stealing a box from someone foolish enough to store them in the fridge at work. Those cookies are baked in the Devil’s kitchen, I tell ya.

Or, buy Keebler Grasshoppers. Not a clone, but pretty damn close.

Thanks twickster, I’ll look into them!

Find cookie pimps in your zip code!

So have Tim Tams - 47 years so far, in fact. The Penguin on which it was based was introduced in 1932. My cite showed that the*** Tim Tam Slam*** has been around for 10 years, not the Tim Tam itself. Your move.

Check and mate.