Girlfriend in Town! Wanna say Hi?

Yay! My lovely Kim is in town for two weeks (she attends school in Arizona, and I’m in the DC area). As a bonus, her sister flew in from Korea, and Kim’s son is here for visitation. That’s a big crowd for my 1-bdrm apt!

I’ve only gotten to see her a couple of times this year, and we’ll continue to be separated until she graduates next spring. Not the easiest thing for either one of us, but the light at the end of the tunnel is shining brighter now.

Anyway, I’m excited, and thought I’d shamelessly solicit greetings so that I can better introduce her to the SDMB. I doubt she’ll ever join, but I may be able to convince her to post something tonight after I get off work.

P.S. For those who remember a couple of previous threads, we’re still keeping our fingers crossed on the INS situation. No new info as of yet.

An Ya Ha Say Oh Kim (sorry can’t spell Korean). Please, please join the boards, it’s lots of fun. Hope you have a great vacation!

BTW, what part of Korea are you from? I was born in Seoul, and my mom is Korean. I can’t remember where she is from, I’ll ask her tonight.

Hey tatertot, I’m glad you saw this thread. Maybe that will encourage Kim to post. She’s pretty shy when it comes to stuff like this. Kim is from Pusan, but I don’t know anything more specific. I will work my charms on her to tell you about her hometown.

Hi Kim! Hi divemaster, too! :slight_smile:

Hi Kim!

Naked yet?

Post pictures!

Chief! BEHAVE! smack

We want to welcome her, not scare her off!!!

And welcome, Kim, from another person from Silver Spring. :slight_smile:

Still waiting…

Cease birdie!

You first, Chief.

Well Chief, I think you scared her off ;). The smilie is to pay you back! Here’s a few more ;);):wink:

Yeah, I tried; but she’s sortof self-conscious about posting. I can relate; I lurked for months before jumping in. I tell her her English is just fine, but I must have lost my convincing tone for the time being. Anyway, we both appreciate the kind thoughts, and I apologize for the false hopes raised among the teeming millions all over the world (:)).

Hi, Kim. Come on down!

Hey! I’m guessing Kim still doesn’t want to post, but I thought I’d go ahead and tell her where my family is from, since I went through all the trouble of finding out. :slight_smile: Turns out my Mother is not from right outside of Seoul, like I thought, but from a town called Tea Beak, on the East Coast.

If Kim had never gone to visit Divemaster, I might never have found this out. I must admit I had this vague fantasy of finding out that Kim and her sister were my long lost cousins since my Mother’s family has disappeared and we haven’t heard from any of them since the mid 80’s. My Mom’s last name is Yi…maybe you know them? :wink: