Girlfriends who want to talk about their old boyfriends.......

Okay. You’re a guy, your dating a woman, she talks about her old boyfriend[s].

Four, five, seven months later, being rather bored you ask her about that story she told you, about him again, cuz you remember what she said before [ cause its burned into your memory like a hot poker] and lo and behold, its NOT the same story!

Why do women do this? Change the story? [Okay, guys do it too, to women, but I want the womans’ version]…

Do you ever have anything memorized EXACTLY as it happened? I find myself remembering details to stories as certain events remind me of them however, it could be she was just straight-up lying to you to impress you or for whatever reason. What did she say when you asked her about it?

Maybe she just wants to make you jealous, or just living in the past. As a woman, I can deal with the occasional story about the ex girlfriend, but if my boyfriend went on and on about his ex I would not be the happiest camper that there was. But then again I agree with Bunnigirl. Sometimes when I tell a story, there would be some things I leave out, and I remember it a second time around. (but then again, I don’t talk about my ex to my boyfriend all the time).

Bunnygirl, Im not talking about any woman in specific. Im a very reasonable person & I always insist that a woman give me the truth. There is no reason to lie to me. So it can be pretty nice when I find out later they didn’t give me the truth. My mother also does this, 25 years later, she gives me a complete new story. grrrrrrrr!

From the net,

Lesbia, when her
husband’s present,
Utters comments most
And this to him, poor
fool, is sheer delight.
You senseless idiot! lf
Had totally forgotten
Then you could say for
sure that she’s alright:
But now, because she
snarls and curses,
I’m on her mind, but
what’s much worse is
Her attitude! it’s one of
ceaseless ire -
And so the more that
Lesbia natters
At me, the less to me it
matters -
For where there’s talk
there’s thought, which
breeds desire.