Girls Only - Mary Kay?

I am thinking of possibly becoming a Mary Kay consultant? Are there any Mary Kay consultants out there that could share anything or give me any advice. I am little nervous about doing it but I think it would be really fun and an easy way to earn a little extra $$$.

This has absolutely nothing to do with your question, but my idea of Mary Kay has been warped by Bloom County. :wink:

Sorry I can’t help you there, P.

Some drink at the fountain of knowledge…others just gargle.

I buy Mary Kay products sometimes. I, personally love the products, and I like being able to try them out. I like the parties, too, because I like my consultant. I really liked the foot party! You can make money–but you have to like selling!

The start up price is only $100. I guess the only thing that I would really lose if I fail would be $100. I can always say I tried. If I don’t try, I will always wonder “what if”.

I just talked to my mother (we are very close) about the idea. I was very excited when I was telling her all about it. She works with a girl that started selling Mary Kay. She did very well at first but now she is having trouble booking parties. If you don’t book parties, you don’t make money. But maybe this girl didn’t take the time, didn’t contact the right people. Obviously she is doing something wrong to not get into it. But then on the other hand, there is my Mary Kay consultant, Shelly. Shelly has been a consultant for 2 years. She is getting ready to quit her day job and become a consultant full time. There are so many unanswered questions but I won’t know until I try.

My wife has been an on-again/off-again consultant for MK since February.

If you’re really serious about it, you can rake in the bucks. She and I went to the convention in Dallas this summer (1 of 5), and there were thousands of very successful women.

She’d be doing better, but we found out she was pregnant just after the convention, and she hasn’t had the energy to make a go of it. 8-(

I thought your topic line initially was asking if Mary Kay was for women only. Well, 99.9999% of the consultants at the convention were women. There was one red-jacket consultant who was a man. He won some award (along with hundreds of others), which is the only reason I noticed him. But for the most part, the attendance there was more female than a Melissa Etheridge concert. :slight_smile:

AWB- Congratulations! This is so ironic, my consultant told me last night that she was pregnant. Must be something in the MK makeup! (I hope I didn’t just jenx myself, I am NOT trying to get pregnant!!!)

Thanks for sharing your information. I wish you and your wife best of luck!

Princess - a red flag went up when I read your op that it is an “easy” way to make extra $$$. Like any job, it is “easy” if you love doing it, but still requires a lot of hard work to be successful.

Personally, I really like the products. Good luck with your decision.

AWB- Congratulations! This is so ironic, my consultant told me last night that she was pregnant. Must be something in the MK makeup! (I hope I didn’t just jenx myself, I am NOT trying to get pregnant!!!)

I’d like to think I had something to do with it. :wink:

*Thanks for sharing your information. I wish you and your wife best of luck! *

Thanx! :slight_smile: 115 days to go…

All I can say is, PLEASE don’t become like a friend of mine. She sells MK and will NOT stop trying to recruit me. It’s to the point that I am screening my calls. I know people who sell things for other companies and they will not stop harping on me to throw a party. The word “no” apparently isn’t in their vocabulary. Of course, you won’t be like that, right? :slight_smile:

No, stupid, it’s a boat!

MaryAnn…does the word AmWay come to mind?


::minxsmom hiding under the desk, sweating and shaking::

Oh, my, the owner of a small coffee shop near where I used to live started up with AmWay. It got so bad that you couldn’t go in for a cup o’ coffee without getting the pitch. It gets to be a real drag day after day after day. I had to stop going there which was a real shame because she was a heck of a cook - best food in town.

You’re clearly a bit hesitant. Have you ever sold anything before? If your product is worth a shit and you are a confident salesperson, you’ll definitely make money, no matter what you’re selling. So, if you know that you’re a good salesperson, or if you think you have the right attitude (and ability to handle rejection, slow sales, etc.) you should do just fine.

Just don’t call me. I have a bathroom full of the crap and I’ve never used it once. I’m sticking with tried and true (and cheap) Cover Girl until Des Moines gets an M.A.C. counter.

“…all the prettiest girls live in Des Moines…”
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  1. MaryKay is pretty good. I like the fact that you can try the stuff out before you buy it. And you can return it if you don’t like it. That’s a real plus with things like foundation. And it’s not that much more expensive than L’oreal or Revlon.

  2. Regardless, MK still works on a pyramid scheme. In order to make money, you have to keep recruiting people to have parties and sell more. And unless you are remarkably lucky, your solid leads will eventually run dry. Remember, you are on the bottom of the pyramid, and it will take a lot of work to get to the next level. And don’t delude yourself into thinking MK will be happy if you just have a party every now and then. This is big business to them.

  3. Your relationship with your friends will invariably change. I love my friends, but it’s not my obligation to help them make money. MK (and Tupperware,et al) uses friendships in a way that I don’t like. I think inviting friends to my house for a party, then cajoling them into hostessing one for MY benefit, is the height of rudeness. So don’t expect me, or ask me more than once, to host a party for you. And don’t be offended if I refuse. Otherwise, I’ll become suspicious that you are using my friendship for nothing more than your financial gain. And friends don’t use each other like that.

Shucks, & I thought it was a question if only women could sell Mary Kay.

Can you imagine guys selling Mary Kay?: ‘Here, try some of this black shadow under your eyes, it keeps the sun from reflecting into your eyes.’

I use Mary Kay products. I don’t sell them, because I just don’t have the personality for sales. The lady I buy from is very nice, and says that she’s doing very well with her sales. It can be lucrative, if you do it right.

Congrats on your pregnancy, Princess! Best of luck to you! :slight_smile:

We have a Mary kay lady too but bought from the thrift store where it was $2 each bottle, new.

The Mary Kay lady is black & we are white & I don’t know how to say this but you just don’t do white peoples faces the same way as you do black peoples faces :slight_smile: So we gave her free lessons.

Princess: best of luck no matter what you decide. Chris, Lisa, etc. have said it much better than I could.
Just as a point to consider: there’s business and then there’s friendship. Having no talen for sales at all, I’m not a good one to give first-hand advice. But from the friend/receiving end, here’s my input:
*I rarely use cosmetics of any kind (check out the related topic on MPSIMS)
*MK stuff is pretty good, so you wouldn’t have to worry about pushing junk
*friends want to help and support, but that line becomes very thin when the friends are the target consumers
*it can be a real service, but the MK corporate structure is very similar to AmWay, i.e. a pyramid scheme
*strictly my opinion: check out Avon; their products are similar if not superior in quality and their sales structure is more advantageous in the long run for the casual, not-primary-income seller.

All the best,

Thanks to everyone for your advice. I have decided that I’m going ahead with the deal. I love socializing and talking with women. I think it will be fun and a chance for me to get out and meet more friends. I’m getting my showcase Wednesday.

Thanks again to everyone.

PS- Anyone need any Mary Kay, let me know. :)

Just wanted to keep everyone up to date…

I am officially a Mary Kay Consultant as of last night. I got my consultant kit and supplies, I am all ready to go. I am going to have my Business Debut on Sunday, January 16 at 4pm. The business debut is intended to inform all my friends and family I am a Mary Kay Consultant, to get people interested in the product and to book parties. I’m am very excited, but a little nervous. But I’m sure that is normal.

Everyone please cross your fingers for me. I am looking forward to reach out to women that need help and a self-esteem boost.

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