"Girls Ruin Everything"

**Tennessee High School A.D. put on administrative leave after sexist you.tube video. **

The troglodytes are everywhere. So, do you censor them here completely, or do you allow them to demonstrate their sexist stupidity in all of its glory, like this fool did on youtube, so you can then shoot them down?

I really like it when idiots self identify. It makes things so much simpler.

So long as they’re not advocating violence, I’m all in favor of letting them demonstrate their stupidity.

Existing thread

So, this guy’s 8 years old and has a treehouse with a “NO GIRLZ ALLOWED” sign on the door, right?

Right, I didn’t notice it was created in the pit last night. I checked categories first to see if it had been made before I posted, but I forgot to check in the pit.