Girls who wear flowers behind their ears/in their hair...

Where do you/they get them? Do they buy them themselves? Do they just whimsically pick a flower as they’re out and about?

My friend wants to know.

No, seriously, I do want to know. I think asking this question puts me squarely in the NON whimsical/impulsive category, though.

My daughters pick them. Whimsically, I suppose.

Both. I have bought fake flowers at the hobby store as well as just picking them. I use bobby pins.

A friend of mine usually picks them from her yard. Sometimes people will just give her one, and she’ll wear that.

The one time I did it, I picked it from the yard, and got strange looks all day. Not often you see a guy with a flower behind his ear, after all.

I dunno. I know a 50-year-old woman who has ‘real fake’ ones on bobby pins, adorning her dresser when they’re not in her hair.

On the scale of ‘whimsical’ I’d say this is the high end of ‘tasteless’ overlaying mid-range ‘pathetic.’

I’ve done it now and then. I’d never buy a flower specifically for that purpose, but if there are flowers handy (say I’m at a wedding reception, and it’s toward the end of the night and people are dancing, and the flowers have served their purpose and will get tossed or given away to guests anyway…) then I might grab one and tuck it behind my ear or affix it with a hair tie or something.

Well, looky there, I’m whimsical! Who knew?

If someone gives me a flower or I see an easy-to-pick and clearly-not-owned-by-someone flower along the way, I’ll stick it behind my ear. I’m a pretty whimsical person in general.

Dude, try saying that to Niecy Nash. She’ll kick your ass. Foolishness!

This thread makes me want to sing.

Sigh… I haven’t seen a girl wearing flowers since my college days.

If you’re going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
If you’re going to San Francisco
You’re gonna meet some gentle people there

For those who come to San Francisco
Summertime will be a love-in there
In the streets of San Francisco
Gentle people with flowers in their hair

I have a few silk flowers attached to barrettes, for my daughter to wear in her hair when she wants to put a flower in it. I don’t wear them myself, because I tend to look silly wearing most hair ornaments.

I think it’s cute.

I often wear my long hair in a bun, and occasionally I’ll tuck a flower into it; or put one on my sunhat. I get them from the garden, usually. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a flower for the purpose, although I might have used one from a bunch someone gave me.
I would not pick a flower from someone else’s yard, unless it was something like a danelion.
More often flowers in my hair are by accident. When I work in the garden I occasionally get flowers from the evil wisteria caught in my hair, where they stay until I notice them. My SO won’t tell me they’re there.

I don’t know who that person is, but there are a couple pictures of her in that link that made my eyes bleed.

One of my nieces does this. She sees a nice flower and picks it.

Do they not have flowers where you live? I have to say, preparing to pick a flower by polling strangers on the internet is pretty out there.:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s probably fair enough for Niecy Nash to wear flowers in her hair.

Anything to detract from that huge ass. I’m sorry your eyes bled corkboard. I managed to catch mine just after they popped out therefore avoiding any abrasions.
Heart of Dorkness**, I love ‘whimsical’ when it means ‘drunk’. It makes most of my worst decisions whimsical.

Picking a flower and giving it to a girl to put in her hair is the ultimate cheap date trick. Come across as a compelling romantic and save money at the same time!

Is this despite the seven zillion signs in China saying “Don’t touch the grass/don’t hurt nature”? :slight_smile:

**Girls who wear flowers behind their ears/in their hair… ** … are cute. Well, cuter than before anyway. Isn’t that enough reason?

As long as it’s a flower that does not belong to anyone. I’d be pissed if my date stole a rose from someone’s yard and handed it to me. I’ve had to stop growing flowers along my front fence because people (kids, I’d assumed) were tearing the blossoms off.

I have a few fake ones on barrettes or ponytail holders. Every now and then, I’d pick one from a cherry blossom tree or my mom’s yard or something. I don’t do it so much anymore (guess I’m less whimsical than I used to be) as I used to. I’d do it a lot before dates, I think. I had long, flowing, wavy hair, a hippie sensibility… flowers just seemed to fit.