Ladies. You're getting some flowers. They're perfect. What are they?

Imagine with me for a moment. Picture this scene – you’re home from a long day of something. The man of your dreams (he being me) has gotten you some flowers. No occasion. You’re not mad at him or anything. It’s perfect – exactly the most beautiful selection he could have made. It’s so perfect you’re already taking off your pants.

What I’m really asking is, if you were going to give yourself flowers, what flowers would you give yourself?

Irises and wildflowers. Yes, in the same bouquet.

White Roses.

Yellow tulips.

They’re cheap and accompanied by excellent chocolate.

Lilacs, or sweet peas and violets.

Stargazer Lilies. Or mixed bunch of whatever with a few Stargazers in the mix. Their scent is just so wonderful.

Plastic. Or none at all. Not for allergies – this one just hates the smell of flowers, every single one ever sniffed, and worries about the dogs eating shed petals later, plus it’s annoying to spend so much on something that dies pretty quickly.

Now a cactus, that’d be perfect.

Me too.

A big bunch of white Singapore orchids.

Tropicals, including plumeria, hibicus and especially antheriums. With a couple of bannana leaves thank you very much. :cool:

A mix of orange roses and tiger lilies.

Daisies! Not the artifically colored ones, just white-with-yellow center daisies.

Extra points if you make them into a wreath for my hair.

Yes, that’s how I usually like my men.

Lilacs. Really hard to get though.

Tulips. Any color.

Gigantic pink peonies.

Ha. I suppose that this exercise will be made more difficult somewhat if you all continue to choose different answers…

But they’re all great answers so far. Maybe I’ll implement them all. Eventually. Very eventually.

The key here is to go into stealth mode and find out the answer that the object of your affection would give. It’s no use giving a white daisies girl tiger lilies. (Or, well, some use. Just not as much.)

But implementing them one at a time and documenting the results should shed light on her tastes pretty quickly!

assorted colored roses with baby’s breath interspersed