Giuliani incentivizes Mueller to interview Trump

Giuliani: Trump will only sit for interview with Mueller ‘over my dead body’:

Weekend at Rudy’s?

Rudy called the prosecuter’s office a “joke”, and then proceeded to tell his own topper: he thinks the investigators will attempt to trap the big guy in a lie…


It’s a curious method of hunting, used only for extremely rare animals highly prized as trophies. It involves placing a trap on the ground in plain sight, showing the bear the trap and warning him not to step in it, demonstrating its harmful effects on several other bears who didn’t listen, and then stepping back and allowing the bear to make his own choice.

This would have taken on an entirely different meaning if Rick Scott had uttered it.

Unfair! Rigged!

Nah, he looks quite un-dead to me…

Well, when the target is dumber than your average bear - boo boos are bound to happen.

“Only YOU can prevent dumpster fires!”

Smocky Bear


Band name or new Secret Service code name?