To the SD'rs living in Canada!

I’ve heard rumours that Rick Mercer did a “Talking to Americans” interview with George W. Bush, but no-one I’ve spoken to has actually seen it. Have any of you?

Did Bush sound like he was just going along with the joke, or did he seem to believe the PM is Jean Poutine?

If it hasn’t been aired yet, does anybody know when it will be?

I await breathlessly, out of touch with Canadian television.

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I saw this. He did indeed ask Doubleyou to congratulate Jean Poutine, and he did so. It seemed to me that Doubleyou wasn’t just going along… but then again, how should I know? And if you think Rick’s funny, you should see Marg, Princess Warrior. (“I’ll smite you, Mike, yes I will, I’ll come back and smite you.”)

Yes, and he pulled a similar stunt more recently, calling the PM “Tim Horton”. Jeez, even I know the guy’s name is Jean Chretien (can’t do accents), and I’m not running for anything!

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I have seen nothing of the sort… I wonder if I can find it somewhere that would be hilarious to see. I’m way too out of touch with the tv myself. Last show I watched was the seasons finale of Air Farce.

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I didn’t see the pieceon 22 Minutes, but I read about in a CP article in the local paper. We chatted about it last month in MPSIMS.

Check out: George Dubya Gets an Endorsement, and the link to the Sydney Morning Herald that Kyla posted in it.