Give Afghanistan to Israel?

Instead of the US taking control of Afghanistan, it seems like a better idea to give that country to Israel.

My understanding of the Arab terrorists is that they dislike Americans because of our association with Israel. What would be the best punishment then? Obviously, to take away the Arab country of Afghanistan and give it to the Israelis.

If the Arab worlds do not cooperate and hand over the terrorists, we will simply give one Arab country to the Israelis for every act of terrorism that is attempted by them.

Pretty soon there will be no more terrorist attempts. Either the terrorists realize what will happen and stop, or the terrorists are arrested and turned over, or all the Arab countries eventually belong to Israel.

Why Israel? Israel has shown that they can defend their territory. Israel seems to need the space (a country the size of Texas with resources should do nicely). Israel is in the Middle East and the US is not. And finally, because doing so will make the Arab terrorists feel bad and be afraid of the consequences of their actions.

I must say that that is the single worst idea that I have ever heard in my life. Congratulations.


You do realize that Afghanistan is not an unpopulated wasteland? There are already people there. They are called Afghanis. They would like to rule themselves.W hat would happen to all the Afghanis. Either they get killed or the get thrown off their land. Neither one of those is an ethical option.
Isreal has zero claim to that land. None…not even a tenuos two thousnad year old claim to the land. Nothing. Taking something that legitamitly belongs to someone and giving it to someone with no claim to it is called stealing. It isn’t nice and it isn’t fair.

And what would Isreal want with Afghanistan anyway? Who wants a hell-hole mountainous country filled with hostile people and surrounded by enemies foisted on them? They are having enough trouble taking care of their own terroritorty. They are in no position to colonize hostile grounds.

As much fun as it is to play piss-off-the-Arabs, it isn’t a game to take lightly. We need the Arabs more than the Arabs need us. We need stability in that region in order for our own country to be stable. We must also give the Arabs a little respect, and doing things just to spite them will not lead to the peace (nore the respect for human rights) that we need in this world.

Not to beat the dead horse, but I need to say.

Afghanistan isn’t Arab.

Afghanistan isn’t Arab.

If you made a list of the Arab countries, Afghanistan wouldn’t be on that list.


Why not?

Alright, if you don’t like the term, how about we take one terrorist country for every terrorist act?

Just saw on the news the video of a Taliban or al-Qaeda member stating that Afghanistan is an Arab nation.

Wonder how that’s going over with the Afghanis those scum are brutalizing?

I’m with even sven on this. Absolutely a bad idea. All you will do is alienate other Arab/Muslim countries that were on our side before. Namely, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, etc.

Sven is also correct in assuming that Israel does NOT want this land. Good God, man. What the hell would they do with it? Aside from battle even MORE terrorists than before?

It wouldn’t provide an incentive to stop Afghanis from starting up more terrorism. Their country has already been taken over…what do they have to lose?

C’mon now…let’s think about these things.

Well, let’s see… when the neighbourhood children are playing up, do you take their toys off them and give them to children who you think are better behaved?



They aren’t your children to discipline.

Do you take Afghanistan and give it to Israel? No. It’s not yours to take or give. As hard as it is to believe, America is not the parent, and the other countries aren’t the children to be punished for being naughty. Talking of taking one Arab country off each one for every act of terrorism… what do you think this is?

So many Americans have an attitude problem - they think that their position as a properous nation gives them the right to interfer in the way other countries run. It doesn’t.

What the Allies should have done was cut out a large chunk of Germany after World War II and made THAT Israel. Why was Germany even allowed to stay a country, anyway?

Tell me - what do you have against us? I mean, really, we’re not perfect, but we sure as hell don’t deserve Afganistan. Have some pity, man!

People seem to think that Israel is this huge colonial power. Well, look at a map, OK? We’re a country the size of New Jersey (including the Territories) with a population of less than 6 million. We may be able to defend our borders well enough, and occasionally carry out a daring commando raid, but we don’t have the ability to project our force over great distances, or maintain a large colonial army. Hell, we’re having enough tsoris holding on to the tiny patch of land we already took, and you want to give us more? A country that we have absolutely nothing to gain by occupying?

Thanks but no thanks.

And people think that my threads are bent!?!?!

The reason they carved Israel out of a chunk of the Middle East is because that is where the jewish holy land is (along with christians, and the muslims, which is why so many arabs get pissed about the situation there) and that was where the Jews wanted their country to be. Also while Germany was allowed to stay a country it was occupied by four countries (U.S., UK, France and the USSR) for forty some-odd years. Once it was decided they’d learned their lesson (or something to that effect) we all moved out.

i think its a great idea controvert
israel was pretty much wasteland from what ive read and see what they have done to it
while we are at it why not hand over the whole middle east to them
they need the land and they are tough people
im sure 6 million of them can handle about 100million displaced and disgruntled arabs or whatever they call themselves
while we are gifting away countries so freely why dont we give pakistan to india
if you decide to stand for president youve got my vote

:rolleyes: Yes, let’s also give Arizona, New Mexico and half of California to Mexico.

Then Northern Ireland to the Tamil Tigers; Zimbabwe to ETA and East Timor to The Womans Institute - they too “need the land”


Very droll! A splendid example of humor. As if anybody would seriously suggest that! Boy, thats rich!

(If, by any chance, you are not joking, adjust your medication immediately.)

Of course impractical and unreasonable as all hell.
But the thread title made me giggle.

No no.
We shouldn’t hand Afghanistan to the Israelis, we should hand it to the Jews. We should hire Jews from other parts of the world to come and administer the land in return for a portion of the taxes they collect. It worked well in Poland in the Middle Ages. That is, until the peasants started getting restless and the nobility thought that the Jews were a convenient scapegoat. And they umm… started slaughtering the Jews in massive progroms.

But I’m sure that would never happen if America installed Jews in power in Afghanistan.

A better idea is to flatten Afghanistan, pave it over and make it into a parking lot, and then give it to Russia as a post Cold War goodwill present.:slight_smile: