Give it up LIB ER AL s

OBAMA…the “Great White (0r, not so ‘white’…) Hope” that has proven that his election speeches are nothing more than screed.

As Sarah Palin has said, “How is that ‘Hopey/Changey ‘Thing’ workin’ for you?”

Well…(shit) she’s right.

Hank Paulsen, Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, Alan Greenspan… (GULP…the Bush and Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney ‘takes’ on Gitmo, and Iraq and Israel and Wall Street),…well…

These GUYS…

Are pretty much the f…in’ SAME!

Hail, Bill Clinton!

Hail, Reagan!

Hail, both Bush’s 41 and 43…

And also OBAMA ~

These GUYS…

The Multi Millionaire and Billionaire folks on this Earth…

Whether in Saudi Arabia or Columbia or Russia or China ~

These fellas ‘know’ one another…they ‘connect’ with one another…they ‘talk’ of the ‘lower classes’ who keep working and working and working and producing…

Making the steel products and building the buildings and keeping the grass green and keeping the pool clean and raising the children, and cooking the meals, and collecting the trash, and building the cars and buying at the Walgreens and the Wal Marts…

And being happy that they can play “HALO”…

While the REALLY RICH FOLKS… tippy toe …across the Globe… hoping against hope that they can STILL KEEP their Millions and Billions (and !even TRILLIONS!),(The OIL, the WARS, the POLITICS, the Governments, the Countries…)

Oh, how they keep hoping that the ‘lesser indivuals’ on this Earth will keep up their ‘Tribalism’ and fight, and War, and need more money to assault one another…

Every major Leader on the World Stage is LAUGHING at the poor billions of their fellow human beings who continue to labor and hope and dream that their work and effort will change the lives of their children…

BP, Haliburton, Blackhawk, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, George Bush, The Princes of Saud, the Columbia War Lords… ALL laugh at us.

The poor six billion other folks on this planet who do their bidding:
With wars
With governments
With legislation
With geographical boundaries
With hating and pushing ‘Citizens’ to ‘War’ against and hurt one another …


The BIG GUN on this planet.

YES…GIVE IT UP!! for the innovative folks who can make MILLIONS (and Billions) in the Stock Market…and ‘teach’ other folks in other countries to do the same thing too.

Because, after all, that is ALL that matters.


Bigger, better, best …MEENS of keeping the rest of the World ‘in line.’

Would China or Russia or South America or India or Pakistan or Iran or Israel trade their place for America’s if they could? Why, of course.

All the while… the BILLIONS of their citizens keep on living by the “Rules” of their countries.


The People of the world have more in common with one another than the privileged “TOP” ten percent of the world.

No matter the geographical area, the Government, the Economic philosophy or your own Political leanings.

Now what?

You are all educated stupid!

I don’t know if I should be posting in this thread. What if the crazy is contagious?

Now, I’m going to go take a nap, your post was booooooooring.

“To be hope-y change-y or not to be hope-y change-y, that is the gotcha question.”

So, the only pleasure I have left in life is the joy of being liberal, and you want me to give that up too?

These questions are “…boring…”?


  1. Stop posting the same nonsense again and again like you did here just a week ago
  2. Think through what you want to say
  3. Write down the main points - start with around 3
  4. Develop a paragraph of supporting arguments for each of those points
  5. Post it so we might have an actual discussion (fingers crossed)

What questions? You just posted a lot of random shit, there were no real questions, other than “what do we do now?” Which, I responded to.

I’m going to go to bed, as it’s 2:40AM.

Use paragraphs?

Your post is racist and incoherent. Pretty much the Teabaggers platform.

Well aren’t you just the arbiter of coherency and ‘Teabaggerness’ …

Can’t you THINK?

I don’t follow the teabaggers closely enough to judge the similarity, but I concur with the incoherence and altogether pointless racism. The prez is black. Big deal.

This isn’t a debate, so it’s going in the BBQ Pit in case someone wants to have a go. lurking guest, if you’re going to bother posting, try making a logical argument and supporting your opinion with facts. Otherwise just get a blog.

I see a trend here.
In your last thread, when it was pointed out you had not actually posted a topic of discussion you responded:

So once again, you have posted a bunch of incoherent nonsense and when you are called on by every subsequent poster you blame everyone else for their inability to decode your gibberish.

Lurking guest, let me spell it out for you (now that we’re in the Pit):

You are a fucking lunatic.


And seek professional help.

Ohhh, shiver…aren’t you just the arbiter of Truth, Justice and The American Way?

Well, I think you may be just the one to know what is “… a fucking lunatic…”

Can’t you respond to a political question (search, dear heart) BEFORE you relish trashing the questioner?

Answer the substance of my post FIRST - and then trash me, if you must.

Your first post has NO substance.

Once again you fail to understand that you have not submitted a clear topic for discussion.

Think through what you want to say
Write down the main points - start with around 3
Develop a paragraph of supporting arguments for each of those points
Post it so we might have an actual discussion

Can I be the arbiter of the Canadian way?

Please tell us what substance you’re on.