"Give me big, anime eyes"

demanded fogey comedian Robin Williams’s character in Robots.

So does its mention in a mainstream, Hollywood family movie mark the end of the anime fad in the US?

What? Why?

End of the anime fad? It might atract more atention to it but I don’t hear the death knell ringing yet.

When Puni Puni Poemi gets reviewed in Time or Newsweek then I’ll start mourning anime.

One could only hope, but I doubt it.

If by “why,” you mean to say “Why does Mr. Williams’s character say this?,” the answer is he (Fender, to give his proper name) is photographing Rodney Copperbottom’s (our hero’s) first moments in Robot City. He eventually starts talking like a fashion photographer and saying stuff like “Give me big, anime eyes” and “Inside of you is a fashion model just waiting to throw up.”

I actually meant “why would this kill anime’s popularity in the States?”

Anime has an underground/insider appeal. Mentioning it in a mainstream movie like Robots would eliminate that appeal.

I’m just guessing, but don’t you really mean “Once anime is mentioned in a mainstream movie, has it lost its cool, special-interest status?” And I’d have to say that, IMHO, it lost that a long, long time ago. Anime isn’t “alternative” animation any more. It’s part of general pop culture now.

No, it will not. Whenever I flip the channels around I see tons of kids shows - nothing insider or underground about that - that are anime or influenced by anime. Just about all animation is, these days.

Yeah, but I’ve never actually heard the word “anime” in a movie before. It was like hearing Jerry Lewis make a “furry” joke.

It does sound odd. On the other hand, this sounds like a movie that tries desperately to be hip. Same goes for the guy speaking the line.

What with the fur and the hotness and the people dressed as animals, m’hwevyn.

(I realize that’s more of a Professor Frink, but he was based on Jerry Lewis.)