Give me some random freeway directions.

Ok, to the damn office (I only spent 11 hours there today. Think that was enough?)

Turn right on Peachtree-Dunwoody Road, go 1.5 miles to Abernathy Road. Turn right on Abernathy, go through the first light and under the overpass. Turn left onto GA400 and merge into one of the 2 left lanes. Stay on GA400 through the toll booth ($0.50) and merge with I-85 south. Exit at the Courtland St exit, and once you’re past the little poles, merge to the far left lane. Pass the Hilton on your left and make a left on Harris St. Pass the parking garage and turn right into the upper deck. You made it!

This is GREAT, everyone! I love it! I love reading about regional details! Thanks! Keep 'em coming!!!

I have some more directions: Getting from Sunland CA to Yosemite National Park (Yosemite Lodge, in the Valley). Heck, with my username, you had to see this one coming! (And I’ve added certain emphasis for Bearflag! :smiley: )

Take the 5 North. Get over into the middle lanes. Keep going North. Make sure to not get trapped getting on the 14, it’ll take you to Palmdale, and you don’t want that.

About an hour out of Sunland, look for the Gorman offramp. (It’s a small little town, but they have a big sign on the side of the road so you can’t miss them.) Get off at Gorman, and get a drink and fried zuchinni at Carl’s Jr. (Or is it Burger King?) Well, get your food, and then fill up your tank at the Chevron station. Get some film if you didn’t take enough with you.

Get back on the 5. Keep driving and driving. You’ll soon hit “The Grapevine”, a steep, trecherous strip of road that always is trouble for large trucks. If your car has a sewing machine motor, get over to the right lane and crawl along with the rest of the big trucks. If you have a faster car, get over to the left lane and try to go a little faster.

After you finally get past The Grapevine, (whew) you’ll hit a big flat expanse of land. This is where you need to be on the lookout - you need to switch to the 99. It’s hard to miss, but be on the lookout. Get on the 99 going North. Drive and drive. It’s boring, and flat. Lots (and lots) of oleander is planted in the center divider. LOTS of oleander. Marvel at all the oleander. Keep driving. If you need to urinate, get off in Tulare or another town and find a gas station. Otherwise, just keep barrelling on until you start seeing signs for Fresno and the 41. Get over to your right, as you will be taking the 41 (East).

When you get on the 41, you’ll pass Fresno. If you need a break, get off at Bullard Ave., and find the McDonald’s. Otherwise, just keep on going. You’ll start to get into more hilly and mountainy roads. Eventually the road will narrow down to one lane each way.

Keep on going. You’ll hit the (rather largish) town of Oakhurst. If you need to pick up some food or soft drinks, stop at Raley’s (to your left). Then pass through Oakhurst. After a while longer, you’ll approach Coarsegold. Outside of Coarsegold, you’ll see a Texaco station on your left. You have to be looking for it, because it’s nestled back a bit. YOU MUST STOP HERE. You must get your gas here. Don’t ask why, it’s just how it’s done. (And remember, there is no gas in Yosemite Valley!)

Keep going. You’ll pass by Fish Camp, a small town. If you like, stop and smell the bearclover (an aromatic plant that grows along the road). Soon you will get to the South Entrance. Pay your $20 to the nice ranger, and get your maps and brochures. As soon as you pass through the gate, turn LEFT. Don’t go right, that will take you to the Mariposa Grove. It’s great, but you can’t go there today.

After a few minutes, you’ll pass by the Wawona Hotel (on your right). Yes, it’s gorgeous, isn’t it? Keep going - you’ll see Wawona later. About 20 minutes of twisty road, you’ll pass the Badger Pass turnoff. Don’t take it. Keep going. About 20-25 minutes later, you’ll come around a bend, and you’ll see it - HALF DOME. Try to keep your composure, you’ll have a turn off soon enough, where you can stop and take pictures.

Keep going. A few minutes later, you’ll approach a tunnel, and you’ll see a sign telling you to turn on your headlights. Do it. As soon as you pass through this tunnel, you will see Wawona Tunnel View on your left. Make sure to remember to turn off your headlights, and be Johnny on the Spot to turn into the parking lot (there are parking lots on both sides of the road.) Take your obligatory photos of Wawona view, and then keep driving. After a few minutes, you’ll see signs that direct you to Yosemite Valley, turning left. Turn left. You’ll pass by Cook’s Meadow, which shows a stunning view of Half Dome. Stop and take pictures. A little way past Cook’s Meadow you’ll see a parking lot on the right for Yosemite Falls, and a parking lot on the left for Yosemite Lodge. Turn left, and find a parking spot near the Lodge lobby. Go in and get your room key (you did make reservations several months in advance, didn’t you?).

That’s it, you’re there. Enjoy!

I grew up in SoCal, so I used to say “the” all the time. It wasn’t until I went to Austin, TX that I was “corrected”. I called one of their highways “the 1” after seeing a sign that read LOOP 1.

I was promtly told in a threatening southern accent, “Boy, you ain’t in California no more. It ain’t ‘the 1’. It ain’t even ‘LOOP 1’. It’s ‘MOPAC’!!.. and it ain’t ‘the 35’, it’s just ‘35’.” ::shotgun click::

It was then I realized the SoCal thing. Another SoCal-ism I don’t know exists elsewhere is the term “flip a bitch” meaning U-turn.

Anway, in keeping with the OP, from Sac, take 99 South to 120 East. I’ll meet you in Yosemite, yosemitebabe. :wink:

Oh my gosh. What a bunch of goobers. Defensive goobers. God Forbid anyone be different. What? Do they “correct” people with English accents too? Anyone who uses a different turn of phrase, or has a different accent must conform? Scary.

I am currently exiled in Hooterville, (unnamed Midwestern town) where no one says “The 210”, but instead “I-210”. But I won’t change way I talk. Why should I? I mean, it’s natural and normal for me to talk the way I do. It would feel weird if I didn’t talk that way. No one has “corrected” me, and they wouldn’t get too far if they did. Though a few have seen annoyed, but screw 'em. There is no “correct” way to refer to fricking freeways for crying out loud.

See ya in Yosemite Valley. Get some snacks at the Yosemite Lodge store, or have lunch at the Garden Terrace. Then you can go up the 120 (I think - or is it the 140) and see if the road has cleared to Tuolumne Meadows.

Thank God they made the freeway numbers different so as not to confuse anyone…
Okay, take 280 south until it becomes 680 north. Get off on 237 west to 880 north. Stay on 880 north till you hit 580 south. (If you hit 980 you’ve gone too far.) Take 580 south and head east to 680 north. Take 680 north across the Benicia bridge, then take the left right after the toll plaza to 780. Stay on 780 until you hit 80 north. It’s about 80 miles all told.

Longview, Texas to Hudson, New York.
Start out heading east on I-20.
Get on I-59 N.
Take I-24 E.
Exit 185 B gets you on I-75N.
Then get on I-40E.
Exit 421 to I-81 N.
Get on I-84 E.
Get on I-87 N (toll road).
Exit at the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.
Cross bridge.
Enter Hudson.

25 hours.

OK, I embellished the story for dramatic effect. No shotgun, and the “treatening tone” in the exaggerated southern accent was done tounge-in-cheek.

As a native Austinite, the people of Austin are great, and the city is beautiful. It’s a totally different culture than the stereotype that attaches to the rest of Texas, which is nice in a different way.

From Hooterville, make your way to the 35 South. When you hit Austin, STOP.

You may even want to swing on down to the Riverwalk in San Antonio, which is in Bexar County, TX. Just don’t pronounce it “Bexar”, like I did. That’s another “Yankee Trap”. It’s pronounced “Bear”.

Thank you! I am relieved! I know some people are defensive, but there should be a limit!

More directions: To get to Trader Joe’s in Glendale (La Crescenta area) take the 210 going West, get off at Pensylvania Ave. Go up the hill, until you get to Foothill Blvd. Turn left. A block or two down, Trader Joe’s will be on your right. If you get to Lowell, you’ve gone too far.

From my home to visit a sick friend -

Right on Ramon Rd., turn right on Gene Autry Trail, turn left on Dinah Shore, then right on Date Palm. Follow for a mile or so, then turn onto Gerald Ford (you can only go left, silly) and continue until you hit The Colony (fancy name for a mobile home park). When you leave, you might consider taking Frank Sinatra to Bob Hope and heading down to the new mall in Rancho Mirage.

We are miles from the freeway. A miracle for So. Cal., doncha think?

My normal route to Union Station in Chicago:
Take Route 21 north to Willow Road and take a right. Take another right off Willow to get onto I-294 South. Take 294 to 90 and take 90 to Exit 51G (Jackson). Make a left of Jackson and take that to Canal, make a left on Canal. Pull into the zone marked “Bus Stop” and wait for my roommate to come out of the station.

My favorite in-state trip:

Leave just after lunch. Take State Hwy 16S through the thriving metropolis of Digby (unincorporated, pop.341/2) to intersection of 16 & I-75 (you can’t miss it, there’s a gas station there). Follow I-75S, turn left in Macon (I-16E). Exit 16E on Montgomery St. in Savannah, turn right onto W Bay St. Park (don’t forget quarters for the meter). Dinner on River Street. :slight_smile:

Slowly back out of the pain-in-the-ass driveway, because people drive like idiots down the boonie road I live on. Head west on Riverview Dr., turning left on “G” Ave, which would be the first traffic light. Take “G” Ave all the way to Sprinkle Road (I swear to you I am not making these names up) and turn right. Take Sprinkle Road until you get to I-94 West, and carefully merge onto the expressway. Take 94 until you get to Exit 76A, Westnedge Avenue South. Very carefully, since people drive like morons down Westnedge as well, get into the farthest left lane that is not a turn lane. Go to the first traffic light past Milham Road and get into the left-turn lane. When traffic clears, turn into the Big K-Mart parking lot, but turn sharply to the right. Go through the drive-through, cluck like a chicken, and save 50 cents off a delicious Chicken Whopper. Follow directions in reverse to get back to my house and bring me food.


OK, we are going from my work to my parents house. Warning, they live out of state.

OK, we are going to get Ct. Route 67 for about 15 miles.
Then Route 8 South for about 5 miles.
Then Route 34 South for about 10 miles.
Take I-95 North from New Haven, CT to Providence RI.
Get on I-195 until exit 22A, (thats in Massachusets.)
Your now on Rt. 22 I think. Anyway, get off the 2nd exit.
Go around the rotary. (fu&"$%ng rotaries)
Head towards the Sagamour Bridge. No, not sure of the road,
but there are tons of signs.
Go over the bridge, your now on US-6.
Follow that to exit 9A.
OK, take a right off the exit, to to Airline or Airport Road. Something like that.
Turn onto… Crap, I forgot the name, its right past the sharp curve sign on Airport or Airline Road. On the left.
Take 2nd left onto Sturbridge Road.
Their house has the American flag hanging next to the front door.

I haven’t driven (or been driven) on any of these routes in a long time but here’s how to get from the interstate to the town where I grew up:

Main road:
I-57 exit 312, East Court Street (Illinois 17)
Head west on 17 for 9 miles, then turn north on Bonfield Road (County Roads 47 & 900) for 2 miles.

Backroad #1
Head west on 17 for 1 mile, turn right on N. Wall Street (Illinois 113) for 1 mile, continue straight onto W. Tower Road for 1 mile, turn right onto N1790W Road (County 199) for 3 miles, right on County 6/49/500 for half a mile, left on County 6/200 for 4 miles.

Backroad #2
I-57 exit 322, West Division Street (County roads 9 & 900)
Head west on 9/900 for 8 miles, left on Warner Bridge Road (County 20 & 85) for 3 miles, right onto Illinois 113 for 1 mile, left on N8000W Road (County 47) for 50 yards, turn right on N500W Road (County 47) for 1 mile, left on Bonfield Road (County 47 & 900) for 3.5 miles.

Angie and I will be using backroad #1 when we visit there this year so I can show here where I spent the first 11 years of my life. Not sure if we’ll use the reverse of #2 to get back to the highway or not, we’re certainly not using the main road because there’s not much to see by going that way.

From my Home to work at Miami Valley Hospital.

Please back up and turn around at the top of the hill and don’t take the shortcut in front of the barn to get to the driveway cause we just sowed more grass seed.

Proceed down drive avoiding all the holes, high spots and ditches. If it’s icey out make sure there isn’t a car coming cause you have to get a run on the part from the bridge to the road. If you stop there you will never make it up that little hill. Turn right onto St route 122.

Take 122 to the bottom of West Middletown hill and across the river to turn left onto Carmody Blvd.

Take Carmody to 73, turn left and take that into Franklin until you get to Stone Paper Co. Turn right there onto 123 and take that to I-75.

Now before you get on 75 make sure you have the CD you want to listen to in the slot and you have finished your coffee. Turn your cell phone off but keep it within arms reach just in case cause once you get in the interstate you will not be able to do anything except grip the steering wheel until your knuckles are white while trying to avoid the plethora of idiots that also drive the most dangerous section of I-75 (and it runs from Michigan to Florida) Take I-75 for about 10 miles of terror.

Take the Edwin C. Moses exit. When you stop at the light there take a nice cleansing breath and try to get the circulation going back in your hands cause the worst is over. Turn right and take Edwin Moses past the University of Dayton arena and Welcome stadium to Stewart Street. Turn Right.

Proceed two blocks on Stewart then turn left onto Main Street for about a block where you turn left into the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. Park. Now you can either get out and walk the quarter mile to the hospital or, if you want to wait around a while, security van will come by and pick you up eventually.

Then I work 12 hours and reverse the process. Repeat 3 times a week.

From my high school’s back parking lot to Lee, Mass.
Take a right onto the road leading out of the parking lot. You’ll have to make a left then a right on it and that’ll lead to a light. Go straight onto Old Meadow at the stoplight and make a right onto King Philip. After that, make a left onto Mohawk, which will be the first light you come across. Follow Mohawk for a while, around the edge of the golf course. You’ll come into a weird intersection, take the center road, which is North Steele. Take North Steele (which turns into Steele) all the way down to Fern. Take a left onto Fern, and make a right on Prospect (the first light). After the Farmington intersection, you’ll see an old-fashioned streetclock on your right. Take your first left after that (Warrenton). Warrenton spills out into Sisson, where you should take a right and get into the far left lane. Take I-84 East (Boston, not Waterbury). Make sure you get into the right lane for I-91 North to Springfield before the tunnel because you can’t change lanes there. Take the I-91 interchange and follow I-91 for a while up to the Mass Pike interchange, which is a few miles north of Springfield. Lee is exit 2.

<Homer> Mmmmmm…stalking directions

<Officer Toody>


</Officer Toody>

Ok, from my house to work.

Back out of the garage, put it in drive and go down the driveway.
Turn left onto Sportsmans Club Rd.
Go 1/2 mile to the stop sign and turn left onto Philema Rd.
Go app. 4 miles to the stop light.
Turn left onto Jefferson Street.
Go over the big bridge and turn right onto 11th Ave.
Go to the second stop sign and turn right onto Palmyra Rd.
Go app. 1/2 mile and turn right into driveway. Make sure you don’t turn into the nursing home driveway. The two driveways are right next to each other.

And woohoo I now know how to get to FaiyChatMom’s house! It’s only bout a three and a half hour drive.

Directions to the Kimbell Art Museum from the intersection of N. Beach St. and Basswood Blvd. on the far north side of Fort Worth:

  1. Go west on Basswood to I-35W.

  2. Take I-35W south to downtown Fort Worth and take the Belknap St. exit.

  3. Go west on Belknap past the Tarrant County Courthouse and say Hi! to Opal.

  4. After you cross Henderson St. get in the center lane to position yourself for Penn St. at the “Y” intersection with Summit Ave.

  5. Take Penn to W. 7th St. Turn right on 7th.

  6. Go west on 7th to the University Ave./Camp Bowie Blvd. six-point intersection. Position yourself in the lane for Camp Bowie (pay close attention to the signs!)

  7. Proceed on Camp Bowie Blvd. to Arch Adams St.

  8. Turn left on Arch Adams. The museum is on your right.

  9. Enjoy the art of Cézanne, Monet, Picasso, et al. and marvel at the Louis Kahn designed architectural masterpiece that is the museum building. Afterwards, walk west across the park to the Amon Carter Museum and enjoy a terrific collection of American art and photography.