Give me your best (free) online games for 2

My girlfriend and I are currently enduring a long distance relationship between Georgia and North Dakota. We have 5 and a half long months left to endure. We’re both fond of word games, but we’ll pretty much try anything that is even remotely intellectually stimulating at this point.

We’re tired of the games on Yahoo Messenger. The games on MSN Messenger don’t seem to work on her end. We’ve wasted hours looking for, trying, and quickly abandoning what we’ve been able to google.

We’re both fond of word games, but we’ll pretty much try anything that is even remotely intellectually stimulating at this point, so no genre will be turned away.

So we now turn to you, my fellow Dopers, to help guide us with your infinite experience and wisdom.

There’s something oddly familiar about some of that OP. Darn co-workers interrupting me in mid cut&paste…

Have you thought about an MMORPG? A and I play World of Warcraft together and keep up with friends across the country this way.

Not a game for two, but you can make a private room and play that way, if you want.

You can chat and play the game at the same time, which is nice.

There’s Second Life by Linden. It’s not so much of a game per se as it is a gigantic interactive world. And the avatar customization is good enough to render just about anyone in 3D. Also, the built-in 3D modeler can be used to build some pretty amazing things, considering how simple it is.

Even though it’s not a game, there’s a crapload of stuff to do. The interactive schizophrenia exhibit is not to be missed.

It’s not free, but you only have to pay $10 once. And if you want to own land, there’s a monthly charge. But land ownership isn’t really required, there are plenty of cool places to hang out.

And finally, it’s remarkably free of fucktards.

She’s not nearly as much of a “geek” as I am, though we are both equally “nerdy”.

I pitched the idea of a MUD/MUSH, but that was quickly discarded as being too complicated and too much effort to get going.

We have been playing iSketch (I spotted it in another thread a few weeks ago), and it is fun on occasion, but we seem to get caught in swamps of concepts that are completely impossible to try and draw, especially with a touchpad.

I think some of the issue is javascript or firewall related on her end, as she can’t seem to get as many games to work as I can, but I can’t do much about that untill I head back up there for some vacation time in late July and get my grubby hands on her…computer.

Online Carcassonne close:
(also a Settlers of Catan clone. You could play with a bot or 2 to make it a 3 or 4 player game)


Ooh? What’s your nick, if I might ask? I was one of the earlier adopters (joined right after open beta), but kind of drifted off after a while. I should dust off my SL account (as Nergal Fallingbridge) now, probably. I remember dropping back in a few months ago and blinking in shock at how many sims they’d put in, when I used to be able to hike through all the sims in about four to six hours.

Actually, lizardling, I’m not on there anymore. Canceled my account after I switched from SuSE to Gentoo. It was a pain to get working in the first place, and it was eating a lot of free time. And it didn’t run that great on this machine, anyway.

Every once in a while I get an urge to reinstall it. Maybe.

To The Games has a word hunt game, a yahtzee game, and some other games.

Too bad, but I can see why not – anything outside the company accepted system recs seemed to have a load of issues that were a pita to work with.