Give Us The Premise Of Your Perfect Movie.

I know what the perfect movie would be, in my opinion. Here’s the premise:

The main billing would go to three actors. Those three actors are Willem Defoe, Christopher Walken, and David Bowie.

The setting is a gritty but flashy megalopolis, but not New York or LA. I guess that leaves Chicago and Las Vegas.

The three actors are brothers on opposite sides of the law. One would be a high ranking detective. The second would be the leader of some ring of thieves or grifters. The third would be a humble, but successful, blue collar worker. The movie would explore their complex family dynamic, and a particular situation that taxes their relationship.

The movie would be an ensemble piece with shots reminiscent of “Heat” and “Three Days In The Valley”. Lots of intense close up face shots.

There would be several lesser appearances by other actors. That list would include, but not be limited to, Christian Slater, Sting, James Gandolfini, Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel (ala “Boiler Room”), and Ed Norton.

What is perfect movie?

“War of the Worlds” done in Edwardian England, especially the Thunder Child sequence. Incorporate elements of “Sherlock Holmes’ War of the Worlds” by Manley Wade Wellman. Not much CGI; mostly model work.

Okay, for me, we’d start with Jacqueline Bisset and a hot tub.

Actually, that’s pretty much it. 90 minutes with that as the central premise and I’d be living at the movie theatre.