Giving a powerpoint presentation - How do you annotate your slides?

When giving a presentation or lecture, how do you keep notes to jog your memory about points on each slide without the audience seeing these notes?

That pretty much sums it up. Thanks.

I haven’t given a presentation since high school and even then it was mostly just stupid pictures i’d talk about freely. But the ones i have seen given at work are annotated by the speaker’s set of notes. They do the notes under the slides when designing the .ppt and print out the slides with notes next to them for the day they actually give the presentation.

I print off “notes” pages without typing in notes to the presentation (when you print, the lower left hand corner allows you to select slides, handouts notes pages or something else) as the format for printing. I print those, and make some general notes on it when I do my run through ahead of time.
I don’t like to have too much written down, though, or I tend to start reading instead of presenting. I rely more on the slides I have - and then just expand on what’s on the slide.

My laptop supports dual monitors; I send the presentation to the video projector and have the speaker notes on the laptop screen.

As [slick] said, you can add notes to each slide in the notes window (viexable in Normal mode). These aren’t seen during the actual presentation but can be printed out in advance.

When you go to the Print Menu you can choose to print out the slides with the notes just for you and then print out the other copies without the nots for the others.

The PowerPoint presentation is my notes. I keep a hard copy of it with me so I know what’s coming up next.

Of course, I try to follow the 6 x 6 rule (no more than 6 bullet points per slide, and no more than 6 words per bullet point). I do not read the slides to the audience (a sure cause of Death by PowerPoint), but rather expand on the points given in the slide. I also reveal the points one by one instead of putting up an entire slide so people don’t get all the information before I get to it.

Just remember to avoid a situation where you’re reading verbatim paragraphs, which are up on the slides. I always hate when im at a presentation where that happens.

As of WinPowerPoint XP and MacPowerPoint2004, you can use “Presenter View.” As long as you have two monitors, (and I imagine you do since if not everyone would be crowding around your monitor), you can run Slide Show in Presenter View - the audience sees just the Slide Show, while you see a timer that shows how long you’ve been speaking, your Notes from the Notes pane, navigable thumbnails of all other slides in your presentation, and a Slide Mini that shows you what the next animation on the current slide is going to be.

God, I read the thread title out of the corner of my eye as “how do you annoint your slides?” and I’m thinking - damn, his presentations must be good! :smiley:

If you practice your talk, and know your stuff, the bullets on the slides should be plenty. Glancing down at notes, or reading notes, looks dreadful from the audience. Most slides have way too many words, and unless you riff on them the audience gets ahead of you, and nods off.

The conference I’m involved in has a requirement of four slides - title, problem, outline, and summary. My goal is to do a 20 minute talk once with only those slides. At a workshop once I did 15 minute on my first n - 1 slides, then the last five on my last five - I told a fairy tale. I was a bit long (it was the last talk, so it didn’t really matter) but I really enjoyed telling the session chair I had one slide left when I went into it.

Anyhow bottom line is if you need to annotate your slides, you don’t know your talk well enough.