Powerpoint question.

I have a report to give this evening, or in the morning. somebody else sent me a copy of a pptx, which will serve. Now, it is on a double screen. The PPTX at the top, and a brief commentary at the bottom (notes for me). So, the question is, can I print the double screen onto one sheet of paper? That is the pptx at the top and the notes at the bottom on the same page. Or, would I download the whole of the pptx, and download the notes later?


I’m a little confused by the reference to printing, but then in the next breath talking about downloading, but anyway, just go to Print, and under “Print What” select “Notes Pages.” You’ll get each slide with the notes underneath.

If you are asking how to print what is referred to the Notes Pages (top half the slide, bottom half the speaker notes), then do the following:

File > Print > Print what (drop down box) > Notes Pages > OK

Most Excellent!