Giza Pyramid Relics Found!

…inside a cigar box in Scotland.

Let that be a lesson to you. Always look inside old boxes when you’re cleaning. You never know what you’ll find.

I’ve been wondering about these relics for years, ever since I read about them in a book on the Pyramids. It occurred to me that it was a rare case of something from the Pyramid that could be radiocarbon dated.

They had the same thoughts about carbon dating:

** raises hand ** What’s this about a larger piece of wood that was seen by a robotic camera in 1993 and is not unreachable? What the heck happened, was there a pyramid-quake?

Dunno. This is the first I’d heard of that

These two links provide more information. Link 1, and Link 2.

Those are older articles about the robot that went up the “ventilation shaft” of the Pyramid. It contains information about pyramid exploration, but not about the wooden artifacts recently re-located.