Hidden Doors Found In Great Pyramid. Pyramid's Burial Chamber? Unlooted?

Could Khufu’s remains…remain?


This whole thing is sdomewhat complex. From what I’ve read, Gantenbrinck isn’t trained as an archaeologist, but is a robotics engineer (Not that this is a put-down; I admire his zeal and stepping outside his field and trying to negotiate the minefields of wiorking in a different discipline with the difficulties of media coverage and other such business). He started his “Upuat” investigations over a decade ago, and there has been some controversy and confusion about how things were done. His own web page is here: http://www.cheops.org/ . Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock write about him a lot, and I suspect that colors a lot of peoples’ thinking about him.

In any event, IIRC, his robots went up so-called “ventilation shafts” in the pyrmids and found at least one “hidden chamber”. But from the TV footage i’ve seen this is a pretty smal door fronting what is probably a pretty smasll “chamber” well up the shaft. I find it hard to believe there’s a burial up there, although I can believe that there may be a repository of small items.