Secret Sphinx Chamber?

I remember this being published in the late 80’s, but have not heard of any follow-ups since:

"1988 - Egypt, Giza Plateau, Great Pyramid
Professor Sakuji Yoshimura along with a team of Japanese scientists conduct experiments in the Queen’s Chamber using electro-magnetic waves and radar equipment.

This high-tech approach yielded results similar to the French (1986). With the confirmation of a ‘cavity’–some believe a hidden chamber possibly containing the treasures of Cheops–close to the French team’s drillings, they found another large cavity behind the N-W wall of the inner Queen’s Chamber and a ‘tunnel’–possibly passageway–outside and to the south of the Great Pyramid.

Shortly after these intriguing discoveries, the Egyptian authorities stepped in and terminated Yoshimura’s work."

Has anyone heard of this work being followed up?

“Fingerprints of the Gods” style speculation aside, why on earth has no one investigated this in over 15 years?

The Egyptian authorities won’t let them?

Sterling work there Sir!

Heh. I would also be very interested to hear more on this…

I’m sorry, but I thought the thread title said "Secret Sphincter Chamber"

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"Harry Potter and the Secret Sphincter Chamber"
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The thread title doesn’t seem to match the OP–where in that story is there a reference to a secret Sphinx chamber? It seems like you’re talking about the Pyramid of Cheops (AKA Khufu).

It sounds like this story:Ancient Egyptian Chambers Explored

It doesn’t sound like Egyptian authorities are blocking this exploration (Zahi Hawass is the Egyptian director of Giza excavations), only that it takes time and money–obviously, they’ve hit a few snags (or stone blocks, in this case). Doesn’t sound like they’ve given up, though.

Actually there was supposed to be some sort of chamber found I thought they said using sound. I haven’t heard anything else about it though in the last few years. I do know that Cayce (sp) said there would be one found as well.

But yes the OP sounds more like the robots that they have sent up the hole and drilled through the stone to find another stone behind it.

Hold it, hold it! Any more buildup like that, and they’ll send in the dreaded Geraldo !

No. I remember this rumour too. From NOVA Dr. Zahi Hawass replies (bolding mine):

Basically no one is digging because the evidence is too flimsy.

Chaper six of Giza: The Truth (Virgin, 1999) by Ian Lawton and Chris Ogilvie-Herald discusses all the attempts to search for unknown chambers within the Giza pyramids. (Lawton and Ogilvie-Herald are enthusiasts rather than trained archaeologists, but the book is a sober look at both “orthodox” and “unorthodox” notions on the subject.) The Waseda University investigations in early 1987 are described on p303-5. They used a ground penetrating radar, pointing it at the walls and floors of the Queen’s Chamber. The main claim is that there’s a small chamber (1.5 x 1 m) about 3 meters behind the north wall. However, their readings through the west wall of the passageway outside - a wall which this cavity would be behind - were interpreted as a passageway parallel. Given the existence of the northern “air-shaft”, which runs horizontally back from this north wall of the Chamber for 7 feet before turning upwards, to me this all looks pretty cramped. GPR data is also awkward to interpret at the best of times and these results could quite easily be spurious. The Waseda team also suggested that there was a cavity beneath the passageway into the Queen’s Chamber.

Lawton and Ogilvie-Herald make no mention of the Egyptian authorities doing anything to stop the investigation. And that’s exactly the sort of gossip they consider elsewhere in the book, so the fact they don’t suggests that that claim is particularly baseless.

The results were apparently published by the university as “Studies in Egyptian Culture No. 6” and “Studies in Egyptian Culture No. 8”.