Glaceau Vitamin Water. Huh.

Has this product made its way all over the country yet? It just started showing up in NYC delis a month or so ago.

Hoo boy, I wish I’d thought of this first…package watered-down juice with a trendy label, then sell it for about three times the price of bottled water and twice the price of actual juice!

Oh, yeah, there’s supposed to be ginseng or echinacea or whatever in there too, but the stuff’s got no taste and it’s probably just as easy to leave it out, eh? Not like anyone will notice.

Let’s see, the red stuff is water with a shot of watermelon juice…let’s claim that that will give the consumer “Balance” ! The yellowish one is water with a schpritz of orange juice in it…we’ll call that one “Energy” !

My head, she is shaking with disbelief.

America: land of opportunity.

…and of a sucker born every minute.

Yeah, we’ve had those here for awhile now.

We also have the choice of caffinated (!) water.

But, Uke, ya fergot to mention their sleek chic bottle! I do think this bottled water thang, since the days of Perrier, is all about saying: “Hell, I can shell out the wazoo for water fer crissakes, ain’t I the Charley!”

I pity da fool…

UGHH! That’s what I thought the first time I saw someone slugging down one of those babies.

Then I thought, hey, that’s the perfect beverage to go with that Balance Bar.

But what really sucks is that people who will gladly, lovingly, joyfully fork over wads of cash for a 500 mL bottle of water will bitch at paying one quarter of that amount for a litre of gasoline.

Sounds like a ripoff of Sobe.
Except Sobe drinks actually taste pretty good.

Has anyone had those xtz teas?

They come in a beer-like bottle. Anyway, they are so jacked with caffeine it will put any double shot espresso to shame. The taste is a little unusual at first, but you grow to love it. I know I have. :cool: <- cool

So, there I was, looking for a nice, refreshing, fruit-flavored beverage. I picked up some Clearly Canadian. Blech. Sugar. I don’t want sugar in my refreshing drink. Sugar is not refreshing.

I cruised down the aisle, picking up every water-looking beverage I could. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar.

Every fucking drink in the world has sugar in it!

Except for these Glaceau drinks. I’ve been drinking Fruit Water, not Vitamin Water, though. I love it. Vapor-distilled water with fruit-flavoring. No calories. No juice. It’s the best damn beverage I’ve ever tried. I could just squeeze some juice in a glass of water, which I often do, but I don’t have raspberry-lime juice at home. Or lemon-ginger juice. Or watermelon juice.

If liking this stuff (and buying it by the case) makes me an idiot, oh well. It seems to be the only damn beverage (except for water) without sugar in it out there.

I love Fruit Water, too. Very light and refreshing. It’s a bit too spendy for me, though, so I only get it when it’s on sale two-for-one.