glasses repair kit

I wear drill mounted frameless glasses.

that is, it’s 3 peices. the bridge, and the 2 temples. + nuts and bolts drilled into the lenses for mounting.

one of the nuts holding the lense in place (bridge-lense mounting nut) is loose. I’m guestimating I need a 1mm socket wrench to repair this. Anyone possibly know where I could buy one?
Also, i’m thinking about using a really weak thread sealant to make sure this never happens again. Anyone know of any REALLY weak thread sealants?

Just out of curiousity, Harmonix, why do you want a “REALLY weak thread sealant”? My suggestion for the tool you need is to visit one of the eyeglass retailers found in most shopping malls nowadays.

a) pair of tweezers?

b) blue Loctite.

Go into the optometrist section of a store like Target and show them your glasses. There will be little or no charge. (I needed parts the last time and still no charge.) These places want you to like them and come back.

Or what I did:

Used a letter opener to screw it back together (difficult to see those little things without my glasses on).

Bit of clear nail polish to hold the screws and other bits in place (liquid paper also works well, and you can used coloured nail polish - it just looks funny). Got that trick from my BIL who used to repair car stereos and used nail polish to hold the little screws in place.

PLEASE go to an optician. They will have the tools, and will have either a sealant or a locking bolt. AND the expertise. If you chip the lens, you pay fora new one. If THEY do, they pay for a new one.

And be careful putting ANY chemical concoction on your glasses. There are things in almost ANYTHING that will mess up your AR or other coatings, or even eat into the CR39/polycarb or whatever.

Next frame, go for one of the new Sillouette three piece mounts, or something of their type. No bolts, easier to put together and keep together, and not so easy to break. (Flexible metal)

And they have a Polarized magnetic sun-clip available.