How to fix screw that keeps falling out of my glasses

I think this is a factual question (and not an opinion one), but mods feel free to move this if it needs it.

The tiny screw holding together my glasses frame around my right lens seems to keep coming loose. This is the third time in as many months and I am scared it will do it again (and lens pop out) when I’m doing something like driving or in a meeting at work.

I’ve tried screwing it in REALLY TIGHT, but it doesn’t seem to help much.

I’ve thought about applying a tiny amount of clear superglue around it to help it not untwist, but I will probably be getting some new lenses in a few months, and the screw will have to be able to come out.

Help, I can’t let a 1 cent screw defeat me!

You can try to shim it with a small scrap of paper, or a tiny sliver of wood.

I’ve heard that a drop of clear nail polish will help, but won’t hold so tight that you can’t get the screw out when you need to.

loctite various strengths

Loctite didn’t seem to sell any of their products near me.

I might have to try this. I will still have to go out and buy some (the woman of the household does not do her nails, which is just fine with me.)

Rubber cement will work for tiny screws.

I lost one of the screws in my glasses a year or two ago, and replaced it with a bit of paperclip poked in the hole and wrapped around the frame at that spot. It works fine, and is hardly noticable.

Elmer’s glue is good for this too.

If you have anything resembling an automotive parts store around you, they will have loctite…

But the suggestion of nail polish will most likely work just fine.

You could even try a drop of paint on the threads before you screw it back in.

Unless one is actively looking for nerd fashion. :wink:

This makes about the tenth reason you are one of my nerd heroes.

I came in to suggest this very thing, as I’ve resorted to this myself in the past. It works fine.

Do people still use hairspray (I mean, other than Amy Winehouse)? I recall using this for keeping tiny screws in.

Yes they do. It makes me sneeze, so you can bet I know when someone has used it.

Crazy glue. Works a treat.

In fact, I’ve glued my glasses to my head permanently this way. Never have to worry about them falling off, no matter what the activity.

I have lost a few of those little screws over the years, never to be found again. Better than a paper clip a bit of copper wire can be used to make a C or even a rivet as it is much softer to work with.

Apple Cider…

My sunglasses have a screw that gets loose every now and then, but two years ago I took part of a typical New Year celebration in my home country, basically a large crowd gathers in the old city and a gigantic apple cider soak-a-thon ensues. I had my sunglasses on during this and over the months I noticed that the screw didn’t loosen any more.

If you want to get more mainstream you can unscrew the thing and clean the screw and hole with alcohol (or better, contact cleaning spray) to remove oil from your skin that may have accumulated there. If after this it still gets loose is time to put a little instant glue on that sucker. Tighten the screw, use a needle to pick up a small drop from the glue tube and apply that to the screw head. That should do.

Take them to any local optician. The screws we use for replacement these days have a coating on them that seems to keep them in place longer. You should not be charged for this, whether you bought them there or not. DO NOT use super glue. Loctite or clear nail polish is fine. If the barrel of the frame is stripped, your optician can use a screw with a hex-nut, but that is somewhat noticeable on a lot of frames. When tightening the screw yourself, do not force it to “get tighter”. When it stops turning, stop trying. Otherwise, you can inadvertently strip the barrel.

Good luck.

But Loctite makes SuperGlue brand super glue, which you already mentioned?

Take out the screw, and leave it and whatever bit of frame it goes in in some rubbing alcohol overnight.

The oils from your skin (or head-related products) coat threads if they get a little loose on their own, which is why they keep coming loose again afterwards.