My mother was diagnosed with glaucoma today. It’s most likely linked to her mature diabetes. While glaucoma isn’t good news for anyone, it’s particularly bad news for my mother because she’s also profoundly deaf and communicates using sign language. She’s fifty five years old.

My nan, her mother, also had glaucoma and eventually went completely blind.

So what now? It seems that it’s been caught pretty early (during a regularly scheduled eye test, essential for diabetics). I understand that while it is not curable, it is treatable. But how treatable? Can she expect significant sight loss? Is there anything she can do? Should I put her on an all-carrots all-the-time diet?

Advice and/or personal experience welcome.

Glaucoma is very treatable. If your Mom is reliable about using the eyedrops she could have no further damage at all from glaucoma.

However, glaucoma is not the main mechanism of sight loss from diabetes. That would be from diabetic retinopathy which (IIRC) is related to damaged blood vessels in the retina. This can sometimes be treated with moderate success with laser surgery if necessary.

The most important way to prevent diabetic retinopathy appears to be meticulous control of blood sugar levels. The current thinking advises checking blood sugar several times a day at home and adjusting medication as needed.

You can help by nagging her a little if she seems complacent about diet and frequent testing. Best of luck to you both.

My Dad’s got Glaucoma, and has medication to control it. As long as you pop the pills (or drip the drops) there shouldn’t be any further deteriation in vision. has a comprehensive FAQ

You should be able to go easy on those carrots :wink: