Glee: 2.14 "Blame It on the Alcohol" (open spoilers)

Hmm, the makings of a Very Special Episode on underage drinking as performed by a cast of teenages played by actors who are all of legal age.

[li]Don’t You Want Me? (The Human League)[/li][li]One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer (Rudy Tooms)[/li][li]Tik Tok (Ke$ha)[/li][li]Blame It (Jamie Foxx & T-Pain)[/li][/ul]

Dot-Marie Jones (Coach Beiste) will sing in this episode.

Oh damn, that’s my Glee- adorably inappropriate! It tastes like pink! IT TASTES LIKE PINK!!! Loooove Artie: “Brought some Bloody Mary’s y’all!” It was just like grade 11 all over again…

But when did Finn learn big words like ‘archetypes’?

Oh, THAT’S what she was saying! :smack: I thought Rachel was saying “It tastes like pig!” and was wondering how a Jewish vegan would know what a pig tasted like, why she’d be happy about it, and what kind of alcoholic beverage might taste like pork.

ANYWAY, a pretty good episode, although I wasn’t crazy about any of the songs. I feel sorry for Kurt, although I’m glad he continues to deal relatively well with his romantic setbacks. Some of the stuff he said to Blaine was over the line, but Blaine called him out on it and Kurt seemed to accept this. It was also pretty big of Kurt not to flip out at Rachel for going after ANOTHER guy he likes.

Finally, Glee gets its mojo back. Great episode.

Fun episode–loved drunk Rachel! Finn’s breakdown of the different kinds of drunk girls was great!

Didn’t care for the Blaine “Maybe I’m bi… nevermind, I’m gay” storyline.

I half expected drunk Will and drunk Bieste to get it on. :eek:

My absolute favorite part was Sue (and Becky with the xylaphone–was that a Grease reference?) on the PA system playing Will’s drunk dial message.

Especially since he might actually have a shot with this one. Anyone else think for a split second that drunk Blaine was going to hit on Finn (I’d love to see Kurt’s reaction to that)? And apparently Burt’s built that extension. :dubious: It’s upstairs (though he could’ve just built over his garage) and Kurt’s moved in and left Finn the basement for some reason. Bit odd that he & Carol were nowhere to be found during brunch. I liked how Burt shot Kurt down when Kurt tried to cite a double standard re sleepovers (2 episodes after he had one with Rachel & Mercedes). Burt’s uncomfortable with either kid having any kind of sex under his roof, gay or straight.

I was just talking with someone about how the songs “Tik Tok” and “Like a G6” glorify drinking. Now Glee does an episode about teen drinking and uses both those songs.

I loved Artie in this episode. From enjoying Britney’s stripping, to bringing everyone bloody marys to help with the hangovers.

Great episode. They finally had some good songs in this one.

I read that the actors who play Artie and Tina are a couple in real life.

I’ve read the same thing about McHale & Colfer.

My favorite line: Key dollar-sign ha.

I love how Becky started playing the tune then when a bit wild on the xylophone and Sue had to stop her – twice.

I exactly thought that was a Grease reference!

Loved the episode and the singing Biest. She is absolutely one of my favorite characters. Great show.

While I don’t think they succeeded with any kind of teen drinking message (is it bad? is it fun? We’ll frown on it, but do it responsibly? Oh, here, just sign this pledge and we’ll forget the whole thing), there were so many great moments this week.

  • I totally loved Becky on the xylophone … just when she’s going to town Sue puts a stop to it.
  • Coach Bieste singing along to “Tic Toc” at the assembly … and then Figgins jamming to Key-dollar sign-ha.
  • “Yep. I’m gay!”
  • Rachel’s “Oscar room” with the stage. But how did Artie get down the stairs?

While I don’t think Matthew Morrison quite carried off the country-roadhouse vibe (or sound!) in the “One Bourbon …” number, Coach Bieste rocks big time. She’s great every time she’s on screen.

Gwyneth is back next week!

Finn, Puck, and/or Mike carried him.

I voted “meh” but after reading everyone’s posts was reminded of some really good parts. I agree that Becky’s xylo thing was a nod to “Grease” and I laughed even harder hearing Will’s drunken message the second time in its entirety.

Being an “evils of drinking” themed episode I kept dreading the obligatory puke scene. My borderline emetophobic self was impressed and grateful that they managed to make it humorously unrealistic enough that it didn’t bother me.

I also thought for a moment that the real Key- dollar sign-ha was on the show.

On a side note, I just read that Kathy Griffin will be on, playing a tea party type mom (sorry if that’s old news; I are not very hip :stuck_out_tongue: )

More eps with Brittany getting drunk please - Heather Morris is sure easy on the eyes.

favorite line (parapharse):
“Ke$ha has been a cultural icon for weeks - hope I live up to her”


If this was an episode that was supposed to give teens a warning about the potential downsides to drinking, I think they did a terrible job at it. They mostly made it look like a fun thing, with some minor inconveniences. (Even if it is like that for many adults, that’s not the message you send if you want kids to not do it)

Also, on one or two occasions, the kids asked something like “But isn’t it hypocritical to ask us not to drink when you adults drink?”, and I think the answer was something like “You are right, which is why I’m giving up drinking too”

It would have been easy to simply answer that it’s not hypocritical because kids are not as capable of handling alcohol use as adults are, as they are not as capable of handling a lot of other stuff. e.g. It’s not hypocritical that we don’t sell guns to 11 year olds, or that we don’t recommend 9-year olds experiment with sex.

There sure was a lot of autotune on the show.

Ye$, I know.

Yeah, that bothered me too. Will just got gone telling the Glee kids that, in their case, drinking is illegal. And Santana’s answer was, well, you drink. You’re a hypocrite! :rolleyes:

Will’s answer of, “Yep, and I’m quitting” was lame, lame-o and lame-est. I totally agree they could have dealt with that in a much better, more responsible way. After all, even Coach Bieste said it’s okay for adults to drink responsibly!

Except that Will needed to quit if he can’t even drunk dial the right woman.

I loved how horrified Emma looked when he got to the part about her eating lunch in her white gloves as she was eating lunch in her white gloves.