GMail Issues

I’ve used GMail for a few months now both on my Droid and on my laptop with no problems. I set up an account for my daughter so she could get e-mails for referee assignments and some other things where she had been using a Roadrunner account for the family that is totally full of junk.

Anyway, when she gets on her account it is terribly slow. It auto saves every couple of minutes… just locks up unexpectedly, etc. This is on the same computer I use so there must be something off in her settings. Any ideas on how to speed this up for her?

Similar problem here.

Just migrated my spouse from outlook after working to convince her of the greatness of gmail and docs. Gmail has been terribly slow, hangs with uploads and conversions, printing, downloads. She doesn’t like change when it comes to her business tools and there has been much grief. Seems to take forever some days just to check mail or compose. I am wishing I just set her up with live mail instead.

I don’t know what is going on. I have had some slowness with my accounts to so I suspect some global issue with gmail, but her account definitely seems worse.

Gmail is basically free so it is hard to get too wound up, but really I expect more from these guys. I have migrated most of my personal and business docs to Google, all my email and now that is is starting to give me problems I am not pleased.

What browser are these issues on? Also, if you ping, what kind of response times do you get? Is it always slow with some accounts, or it just sometimes?

IE… not sure what version running on Vista. The thing is I can pull up my account and everything runs fine, then log out and log back in as her and things slow down and start locking up. I can’t see anything different in the two.

In GMail, at the bottom of the page, there are options to change from basic HTML view, standard view, and older version. One might run faster for you than another.

Have a look here, hope it helps!

You can try a faster browser by downloading Google Chrome. It ought to make Gmail a bit zippier.

When you say you’re logging out and then back in as her, do you mean just to Gmail or Windows?

I have several Gmail accounts and run each in a different browser on different computers with eithe Vista or Ubuntu as the operating system. None display any problems with Gmail.
Note that IE is never used, not for anything.

My kids all have Gmail accounts, as has my wife (also using Ubuntu) and none report any problems.


Ok, I’m an old fart and have never used anything other than IE. I downloaded Google Chrome… problem solved, and I can’t believe how fast other things load.

Thank you so much for teaching this old dog a new trick.

Pretty amazing stuff, huh? Just one more step toward a Gray Google future…