Gmail- has it become terribly slow?

For about a week gmail has been driving me insane with it’s speed- it is so slow it is beyond belief (the opening, deletion etc- not receiving). It has got to the stage I am routing it through OE and that is working fine.

Is this only happening in my part of Australia or has someone else had this happen?

I’m in the US. It’s been fine most of the time, but occasionally has just hung up. Closing the window and restarting has helped all but once.

Thanks Susan.

USA, Arkansas, works great. DSL, XP Linux et all…
Ranking in apparent speed:

Pidgen IM
AOL peer to peer email


I get a weird error a lot recently, where Firefox says that it has detected that the routing to the server will never resolve or something, and so it’s stopped trying to load it.

I’ve noticed that sometimes it goes through slow phases too, but for a service of its scale and popularity, I’m amazed it functions as well as it does.

That said, sometimes excuses just aren’t good enough.

Enter Gmail Mobile:
Use the address instead of the normal one and you get a MUCH faster interface designed for mobile devices, but still perfectly usable on a computer. You might miss the fancy schmancy AJAX effects of regular Gmail, but when you’re in a hurry, it does wonders.

Holland, IE, no problems at all.

No problems at all here, and I’m on it every day using Firefox.

US, Firefox, me too. Me too also on closing the tab and opening a new one sometimes speeds things up.

In Opera, it frequently slows to a crawl or even hangs during the “loading” progress bar stage. And when it hangs, it hangs. Can’t refresh, re-login or anything. I have to go into using-plain-html-for-slow-connections but that is barely usable.

Google has a long way to go to learn how to make things simple and fire-proof. (Which seems like they should know already.)

UK. I keep getting “Server not available errors” when trying to log in at the website. I also open most of my mail through Thunderbird. At least once a day, it logs me out and says cannot authenticate. It also takes ages to open messages sometimes.

It never used to be like this.

I had that problem for a while. Sometimes all it needs is for you to clear your browsers history, cache, and cookies. Not sure why this works, but it usually does. Also, you can get to the mail through iGoogle usually when this is happening if you need another alternative.

Come again? Though not perfect, most of their services have the bar in terms of a simplistic UI and being crash-resistant (such as Google’s home page, Chrome, Maps, etc)

The Google home page is of course iconic in terms of the right way of doing things. (Which is of course the intent of my aside.) But a lot of other stuff is crap city. Have you actually used Google maps? Hangs, goes weird, keeps forgetting the address, and on and on. Also requires an advanced browser with all features turned on. This is why the phrase “form over function” was invented.

When Google tells you that your browser (only a couple years old) isn’t supported, then there is something horribly wrong at Google.

I’ve noticed it getting very slow over the past few months. Firefox user here.

I can honestly state I have never once experienced any of these problems.

No, it means there’s something horribly wrong with your browser. You can’t expect them to support legacy systems forever, can you?

No problems here but I am a Chrome user.

However Microsoft seem to have sabotaged Chrome’s interface with Hotmail so that I have to use a different browser for that account.

You have major problems that are yours alone. I use google maps at work, at home and yesterday on a cafe PC and have no problems ever. We routinely spend hours a week at doing investigative work and it is like walking down the street in real life.

Two years old is NOT legacy and many of the problems exist with my up to date browser.

Look, try this: From the inbox in Gmail, click on a message, read it, then forget that Gmail is messed up and hit the “back” button. Stuff like that all over the place.

Google has been going downhill for years.

What bad thing was supposed to happen? It worked fine for me, and I tried two different browsers, including IE. Neither of them was two years old, though.