GMail trouble, anyone?

I haven’t been able to access Gmail for the last 6 or so hours (from 7PM Eastern time). I tried accessing from my office (using IE) and home (Netscape). I have had this happen before a few times, but only for very short periods, and only in the last few months. After about a year of using it with no problems, I switched my work email over to it. Now that I’ve done that, problems seem to be cropping up. Anyone else having access issues tonight or notice more problems recently? Or is it just all about me, me, me.
(Mods: This was one of those “Well, it’s sort of a general question, but kind of a poll, but also sharing” kind of topics so I stuck it here. I leave it to your moddy discretion to stick it anywhere you’d like. )

Newp, mine is working just fine.

Mine’s all right, too…sorry.

Gmail is working fine for me.

And just because I decided to post about it…It’s back up. That’s interesting, though, that neither of you had problems. Thanks for responding. A few months ago, might even be six months or longer, I remember someone else posting about having problems and others chiming in with the same, and I hadn’t had any problems at that point. I’d still be intersted if anyone else has had recent problems. Both at home and at work, I’m using Verizon DSL (same town, if that matters). Maybe it has something to do with Verizon. Or the highly realistic game of asteroids being played. Or the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Depends. Is the moon in the seventh house? And, if so, is Jupiter aligned with Mars?

Because if not, pal, you best just lay off blaming the Age of Aquarius for your e-mail trouble.

I did have difficulty last night - I kept getting a message that said something about “try back in 30 seconds” or something.

It’s fine this morning though.

It prolly happened because someone smacked an asteroid with a spacecraft somewhere.

But isn’t peace supposed to rule the planet and, dammit, I want some love ruling the stars. Stupid email.

Lsura, that’s the message I kept getting. “Check back in 30 seconds.” So I did and I did and I did. For seven hours. You can’t get a lot done in 30 second intervals, I’ll tell ya. Stupid email.

Haven’t noticed any problems of late, but I used to get a “Sorry!” message periodically and a “Gmail is not available” message. I pondered this for a while, thinking about how it seemed that happened often and realized that because I have G-mail notifier, it tells me every five minutes or so if something wrong, so I’m more likely to notice it’s offline than if I were checking manually.

In any case, not an issue at present time for me. I can’t bitch too much…the people I know using Hotmail have considerably more issues than I have and Hotmail isn’t Beta.

I get a blank screen once in a while, but if I hit refresh it loads. This is using I.E. - what browser are you using?