Go Away From My Window

Who wrote it? Who sang the most-popular (most airplay) version of it?

It Ain’t Me Babe is the name of it. Dylan wrote it. The Turtles made it a hit. And no, I didn’t look it up.

Johnny Cash had a successful version of it. Dunno how big a it it was but it’s on many of his best-ofs.

But if you haven’t heard the definitive cover by Sebastian Cabot, then you haven’t heard anything!

Thanks. It just wasn’t coming to me.

I was thinking of the Dylan version.

Not Melissa Etheridge, that’s for sure.

Best version ever.

The Turtles pretty much ruined it, just like The Byrds ruined Tambourine Man by turning it into a cheesy pop song.

Go Away from My Window was a song long before Dylan stole it.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that these guys’ was the first version of it that I heard:


Without hearing the tune that goes along with it, I can’t agree with you. Taking a line from another song or a poem or a work of Shakespeare is not stealing someone’s work.

Have you listened to John Jacob Niles’s song? Other than the title, there is nothing in common.

I really hoped that this was about a response song. Stupid reality.