Song ID Help Please

I’m pretty sure Harry Belafonte had a version of this song with at least some of the lyrics going “…and bother me no more…” but I distinctly remember some female singer (along the lines of Judy Collins or maybe even Helen Reddy) with another set of lyrics to the same basic tune. In that one, it was like “…I’m standing at my window, and waiting by the door…”

I have Googled pieces and parts of the things I think I remember, but have yet to locate the thing. I would place it anywhere from early 60’s to mid 70’s (but might be off even there). It had more of a folk song quality, as best I can recall.


Never mind. I Googled again and found it. It’s “Go Away From My Window” by Niles. Apparently some female singer also sang it but I don’t recognize her name from before.