Go Spurs Go!!!


I’m a Nets fan. Tough road. Kudos Jason, Kerry, Kenyon, Aaron, Richard, Lucious, Twin and Byron. Thanks for another great season.

Congrats to the Spurs. Can’t help but like them. Duncan, Robinson, Popovich, what a class act. I really tip my hat. Tim Duncan is an athlete that everyone should admire. Same to the Admiral.

Please stay JKidd. Man, imagine the dynasty the Spurs could build with him!

I think Kidd and Parker stay where they are - Parker was playing for his job, and I think all can agree he performed admirably. I like both teams (I like Richard Jefferson and love seeing the Nets run), but I was pulling for the Spurs because I’m a huge Duncan fan. As aforesaid, he’s a class act and a solid player all around. He just missed a QUADRUPLE-double!

tragically this is the wrong bloody spurs. dammit.

for the real spurs (who don’t win sod all)

Thank God. If the Spurs lost to an Eastern Conference team, I could never respect Tim Duncan and that organization again. I feel better now.

wakimika, the Nets played tough, real tough. Perhaps if K-Mart made twice as many shots, it could’ve gone to a Game 7. Perhaps we could snag Kenyon when his contract is up :wink:

Marley, I, too believe Kidd will stay in NJ. They can offer him the most in terms of money and his family seems to enjoy living there. I’d prefer it if the Spurs went after O’Neal or Brand instead. And I think it’s safe to say Timmy B. Dunkin’ is the best all-around player at the moment :smiley:

owlstretchingtime, I’m more of an Arsenal fan myself!

Neurotik, you’re right. I wouldn’t know what I would’ve done had the Nets won. But I’m sure the Spurs realised that extra pressure to win. It’s gonna be a long time before an Eastern conf. team wins again.

I’m not a rabid basketball fan, just a casual one.

The Spurs are my favorite team, and I’m glad they won it all. That’s partly because San Antonio is the closest thing we Austinites have to a home team, and partly because most of the Spurs SEEM like genuinely good people.

But while I’m happy for David Robinson & Co., jeez, that was a pitiful series. It was often painful to watch! Small wonder the TV ratings were half of last year’s! I actually turned off the TV or changed the channel in disgust several times.

If I, as a Spurs fan, couldn’t bring myself to watch the games at times, I can only imagine how non-Spurs fans felt.

How anti-climactic.

It was durn climactic! :wink:

For those of you wondering about Kidd…I heard on the radio that Mrs. Kidd was looking at San Antonio real estate before they headed back to NJ. Hmmmmm…

And in case anyone’s wondering, this town lost its freakin’ mind for a whole week after the Spurs won. LOST. THEIR. MINDS.

And the Spurs are very nice guys; Mr. Levins used to work at a restaurant patronized by various players, and said that they were always friendly and gracious. (And fat tippers. The best judge of character. ;))