N-E-T-S!! Nets, Nets, Nets!!!!!!!!!!

For years the NJ Nets were the unluckiest team in the NBA. The team could play only for three quarters in each game because the players get injured so often. They had a good run under Chuck Daly, but it was only fleeting. Some called the Nets’s malaise the curse of Julius Erving, referring to the former ABA superstar who in 1976 was traded to Philadelphia as a payment for the Nets’ entry into the NBA. They were getting only a quarter of a column in the newspapers, unheard of for a major local team.
It seemed as if the team will be the weakest link to the newly-formed YankeeNetsDevils sports organization (officially called YankeeNets, but it owns the Devils too).

But all that was BJK (Before Jason Kidd joined the team). Now, with a 7-1 start this season after thrashing the finger-pointing-to- each-other Knicks tonight, the Nets are playing their best ball ever since the team was in the ABA. It seemed as if the Yankees’ and Devils’ success are finally rubbing off on their basketball partner.

But…where are the fans??? They are only getting 6000 or less a night at the Meadowlands? Aww man. I hope the NBA don’t consider a retraction of teams right now; the team is playing too well.

Oh, good. The fans are starting to believe. There were 15000 at Meadowlands Arena tonight (don’t make me say the other names of the arena).

Update: The Lakers lost to Phoenix, falling to 7-1. That means:

The Nets have the best record in the NBA!!!

The Nets are on a roll right now - trading Marbury for Kidd was brilliant, and it looks like Richard Jefferson is paying off for them too. The real story, besides Kidd who is a winner, is having Kenyon Martin and Kittles back from injury - like another two first round draft picks.

Hope they aren’t setting up you Nets fans the way the Red Sox do - a hot start and heartbreak finish. Maybe they can go without injury all year - but only time will tell.