Zero points?? ZERO POINTS???

Game 7. New Jersey at Detroit. The winner gets to go and face Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference finals of the NBA.

So what does Jason Kidd, the Nets’ biggest star do??? SCORE ZERO POINTS IN THE ENTIRE GAME! Then the Detroit guards score

This is worse than John Starks in Game 7 finals vs Houston. At least he got the Knicks there.

This is worse than the Kenyon Martin gong sick inGame 5 and 6 of the Finals last year.

This is, this is inexcusable. Jason Kidd made too many mistakes during the entire series. He unnecessarily extended game 5 by missing free throws, and three times passing the ball as the shot clock ran out.

In this game, Charlie Billups outscored Jason Kidd 22-0. 22-0!!! Charlie Billups??? The Curse of Dr. J continues…

[jason kidd]a-a-a-a-a-u-u-u-u-agggggkhkhkhhkkkkkkaaacckckkkkkkkk[/jason kidd]

That’s Chauncey Billups. I don’t know why you’re surprised, though. Kidd’s not a scorer. The Nets are better the less he shoots. Really, though, they just aren’t built to win a half-court game.

It’s the return of Ason Kidd, the man with no J.

On the bright side, he has a promising future as a mortgage broker.

Don’t you people realize that it’s May 21st, two thirds of the way through Spring, and you’re still talking about BASKETBALL???

Next time you’re reading the US Constitution, note the ammendment that states “Basketball shall be considered a WINTER sport.”

Lousy Commies :smiley:

Eh, the Nets’ real problem is that they have a front line made up of small forwards.

Dude, you’re chuckling about basketball, when HOCKEY is still going on as well. ICE hockey. Y’know, that stuff that usually melts when it’s no longer winter outside, making the game impossible. (Which isn’t the case with BBall.) Europeans think the NHL is nuts to play until June.

I just wish the Wings were still in it. :frowning:

Ah well, at least we still have the Pistons! (even though I don’t watch…)

If we can’t have the Wings this time around, at least we can have a Canadian team in the Cup finals. And maybe…just maybe…the Flyers can slam the door on that silly team from Florida so we can have a real Cup series. The possibility of having a Florida team in the finals has got me gagging.

Jesus GOD - **please ** don’t let TB get there.

I think there’s something in the Bill of Rights about hockey after March 31st.

[sub]I was so hoping for a Weight Watchers rant…[/sub]

Jimmy Chitwood pretty much nailed it. Kidd is a good shooter, but he’s so much better with the assist. He’s one of the best in the league at setting up the play, or finding the open man.

Unfortunately, the Nets still need him to add something to the scoreboard. The entire team performance was a disgrace last night. The really gnaws at me is the fact that the game shouldn’t have even been necessary. It was inexcusable for them to blow game 6 the way they did. :mad:

heh. Me too.

Tampa Bay’s still in the hunt? I had no idea, as I stopped caring about hockey the instant the Red Wings were out of it. And, yeah, you’re right – the idea of Hockey itself in Florida is a little jarring.

IIRC, Tampa Bay is owned by Jim Davidson, who also owns the Detroit Pistons. I wonder if any team owner has had more than one of his properties make it to the finals in the same year?

No two ways about it, he just blew last night. I will add though, that his knee was fucked up, and supposedly his back was in bad shape two. Of course Cassell was putting up some stuff with his fucked up back the other night.

I think Steinbrenner has a stake in the Nets and Devils, so he had three last year.