Go straight to hell, NPB!

eBay rant!

Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you, asshole. You, the chicken-humping non-paying bidder who purchased a DVD from me through eBay back in mid-May. You promised a money order which I never received. I sent you TWO follow-up emails which you never responded to. I hated leaving negative feedback - I really did - but hey, you had it coming. Funny how you couldn’t respond to my emails, but boy were you quick to leave a retalitory neg for me! Took you all of a couple of hours to return the favor. Thanks for fucking up my 100% feedback score, you little punk-ass son of a rancid cunt bitch. Why don’t you go play sit and spin on a razor-studded broomstick?

For the record: this eBayer has a grand total of six feedback ratings. My negative was his first, but his last feedback was a neutral, with the seller claiming no payment received. Oh well, I know who those other prospective buyers are gonna believe. :slight_smile:

Did you send him the DVD?

You had to know that he was going to leave negative feedback out of spite, so take a lesson from this: when faced with a guy with next to no history who doesn’t pay, don’t give any feedback. Just pretend it never happened. That way there’s no harm on your feedback which you are quite clearly proud of, and he/she can go on about their business.

I hope you didn’t send him the item, by the way.

Um, no. Sorry for creating so much suspense there. :smiley:

And yes, I figured he might neg me in return. But ya know what? Fuck him. As I said in my OP, I know who people are gonna believe anyway. And I suppose everyone gets negged sooner or later. There are just too many assholes in the world.

Interestingly enough, when I (as a buyer–I’ve never sold anything on ebay) am looking at someone’s feedback to determine how much I trust them, I pay more attention to how they handle negative feedback than I do to the negative feedback itself.

Sure, if someone has 50% negative feedback, and most of the complaints are the same (i.e., “Didn’t get my item for six months, and when I did, it was ripped and smelled like armpit, when the seller said it had never been worn”), then I’ll probably pass on that seller. But a couple of negative comments I can handle (after all, everybody makes mistakes, and some people are just damn persnickety and impossible to please). It’s when the seller responds to every negative comment by calling the commenter a lying shitbag ball of rancid goat puke that I run (not walk) away. (I deduct extra points if the response is in all caps, has bad spelling, bad grammar, bad punctuation, or any combination of the above. :wink: )

I don’t have a problem if a negative response is handled diplomatically–I’m all about a seller defending him or herself–but some sellers are, in my opinion, too quick to overreact to negative feedback, and that’s what turns me off as a buyer. It’s the name-calling. There should not be name-calling.

Anyway, stegon66, it sounds like you handled the situation well, and one negative comment wouldn’t stop me from buying from you.

You don’t happen to be selling any Louis Vuitton bags, do you?:smiley:

You did file a dispute, didn’t you?

See, it won’t matter how much feedback he’s gotten. Three FVF refunds against him as a non-paying bidder and he’s toast.

And make sure you add a “Reply” to the feedback on your profile. Something calm and rational and written without the adornment of lots of CAPITAL LETTERS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! Just a simple, “Deadbeat buyer left retaliatory negative,” or similar.

Tsk Tsk. As a Doper, you should know that the only correct response to negative feedback is:



I agree. I did think about following up his feedback with a snarky comment but common sense said to let it go. For the record, I have over four hundred positives plus one neutral (the box to a DVD boxed set was slightly damaged during an international ship, something I attribute to overly rough handling by the Post Office as I always package items securely, otherwise the buyer said it was a fine transaction). As for the feedback I left him, it was something to the effect of: “Promised to pay with m/o, but never received. Did not respond to 2 follow-up emails.”

Erm, no I didn’t. I did plan on it, but I wanted to give this buyer the allotted time to get in touch with me. It just so happened that the grace period elapsed the same week my sister and her family were in town and during the mayhem it completely slipped my mind. :smack:

Blah. Oh well, I’m done venting. :slight_smile: