Go Team Venture! Again!

It looks like the boys are back in town for Season 7 this summer. I can’t wait.

That show premiered in 2003 and is about to air it’s 7th season.

The Amazing Race premiered in 2001 and just began airing it’s 31st season.


Careful crafting.

I adored the show when it came out, but my late-night habits have changed and I’m not caught up on the most recent seasons. Hope I can remedy that.

Awesome! I hope we get more backstory, and the death, of Brick Frog.

Me too. The show’s gotten so convoluted I’m going to need to do a marathon to catch up. But it’s still my favorite original [Adult Swim] program.

I can’t wait either. The Monarch is my favorite character and I’m dying to know more about The Blue Morpho.

If only they’d give us a release date!

Have they said its the last season… because… It kind of should be.

<Orson Welles>We will sell no wine before it’s time</Orson Welles>

Really, I do appreciate that they wait until they think it’s “done” before they release it. Software, art and food prepared that way are usually better.

Meh, no-one is making you watch it, right? Good. Go watch something else. You live in an era with unparalleled choice.

Love this show - can’t wait!

~I love you, I love you!~

I had no idea Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland were involved!

Slow your roll…pal. It should be the last because I’d like to see Doc and Jackson do something else. At the rate this is going those dude have already been working on this for almost 20 years. Even in that interview, Jackson acknowledges they are treading well-worn ground now due to things that started AFTER Venture Bros.

I want to see them wrap this up and tackle something new.

The Season 7 teaser is up! It looks like Dr. Orpheus and the Triad are back!

I binged all of season 6 last Sunday. It’s interesting how much of that season was all about the Guild and the Monarch. I am REALLY wondering if Jonas Venture is the Monarchs real dad.

They air two seasons of TAR per year. The same with Survivor.

It also takes much less time to record, edit, and show a season of TAR than it does a season of TVB.

With the exception of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I don’t think Cartoon Network/Adult Swim has ever made it particularly public that a show has been cancelled. We usually find out about it from the show’s staff when CN tells them. Even the Metalocalypse “movie” was never touted as its finale. I think the closest it has come is when they pretty much had to announce that Frisky Dingo had stopped production because 70/30 Studios had closed its doors.

Besides, doesn’t every season finale of The Venture Bros. say, “The Venture Brothers will return”?

I think that’s a foregone conclusion at this point, right?..unless they do another swerve like the Brock/Dermott thing.

Well, it might be that the Blue Morpho was Rusty’s real dad.

I hope Steven Rattazzi will be voicing Orpheus. Even though it’s several years since I’ve watched the show, I can still hear his voice in my head (mainly “it’s powered by a FORSAKEN CHILD???!?!?!” and, for variety, “do not be too hasty entering that room: I had Taco Bell for lunch!”)

They’re slow enough at putting them out, they can work on other things and still put out VB if they like. I’ll wait. There’s a big difference between saying that you’d like to see them work on other things, and that they should stop doing something that they obviously like doing and/or they find profitable. After all, there’s nothing forcing them to keep putting out VB, and they don’t have a strict release schedule.

So, slow your own roll, pal. You didn’t say any of that in your first post, and you’re still basically saying they don’t work on your schedule. I’m pretty sure that they’ve got at least one other project brewing in their mind at the very least, because I’ve never known a musician or artist that didn’t. When it’s finished, I’m sure we’ll see it.


I THINK I saw it. Otherwise, I saw a really sad word crime.