Goats Prevent Fires, No Felching Necessary

California Turns To Goats To Stop Wildfires

I understand they’re also excellent for kudzu control.

Not to mention chicken control.

That would explain why they weren’t at last week’s initiation party!



I think they are a better Homeland Security mascot than that silly dog. :slight_smile:

It just goats to show…

Y’know, I thought felching used a small rodent :smiley:

Ewwww … just when I thought it couldn’t get worse! … :eek: :smiley:

Just another tool in their toolbox of tools…

Ah, another delicate situation sensitively handled by the SDMB denizens with kid gloves.

Does anybody else have the feeling that a few years down the line, there’ll be a contentious public debate over the need for goat population control, culling hunts vs. birth control methods, and accusations by environmental groups that the goats are gnawing the vegetation too thoroughly and thus contribute to hillside erosion and mudslides?
Oh well. Too bad “The Straight Dope” can’t rent a few for troll control