"God Bless America" thread in BBQ Pit - what hapened to it?

Yesterday, someone pitted the CBS announcers of a football game for talking during the playing and singing of “God Bless America”. Yes, the postings were going fast and furious and the language was a bit rough but all of a sudden the thread was gone. What happened? I’ve seen threads locked but totally deleted (with no explanation) is really strange.

Not sure what went on here. I’ll ask the moderators involved for a clarification.


The usual. 'Twas a sock.

To me, it seemed as if that person was just feigning indignation just to get a jokefest going. (Something similar to my occassional mock postings of “I am thoroughly outraged - HARUMPH”)
However, it seemed as if a lot of people took that posting seriously and it did become heated very qucikly which I guess is what the OP wanted.
Anyway, thanks for the quick reply. :slight_smile:

(On further reflection, I feel your closing that thread so quickly resulted in a serious affront to my sensibilities. - HARUMPH) :smiley:

If they ever film Kipling’s Just So Stories, we’ll put your name in for the camel.