Mass banning of participants in GQ thread - What happened?

In this GQ thread “Militant Christian Countries” the discussion wandered somewhat off the specific facts requested in the OP and some people expressed opinions beyond the “just facts” requested in the OP. Some responses were a bit snarky, but it never really got nasty or particulary heated, it just seemed like the regular back and forth you see in a normal thread.

At the end members Krokodil with 318 posts, RobV with 26 posts, TheeGrumpy with 820 posts and javaman with 2058 posts were all “BANNED”.

Umm… what happened that would nuke 4 posters at once? Did something else happen in another thread that made this the last straw? is this the “knocking heads” Manhattan was threatening to initiate as punishment for expressing opinions in GQ? It didn’t seem like anyone was really being a huge jerk in the thread.

Beat ya by 3 minutes :wink:

See, this is why I don’t post in GQ.

Not meaning to sound snotty, Astro, but there’s some reason you couldn’t e-mail Tuba or somebody and ask this?

Duplicate thread, so I’m closing this one.