God-Damned mother-effing coward Spaniards.

Socialists Oust Spain’s Conservatives

You disgusting, sniveling little cowards. Yeah, capitulating to the monsters that just killed hundreds of your people is the right thing to do. You have played into their hands. You have acted just as they desired. Yes, the terrorists have won, because Spain lacks the fucking balls to stand up for itself.

You are a spineless excuse for human beings, and after an act like this you deserve nothing but the scorn and hatred of any future victims of terrorist slaughter.

Spits in the face of all those who self-righteously claimed that they were “voting for peace”

I’m unsure what they should do exactly… Do you propose that they vote Conservative, due to the perception that the terrorists do not want them to?

So it wasn’t ETA or Al Quaeda. The Spanish Socialist Party planted the bombs that killed 200 of their own people.

You’ll have to explain that one to me, I’m afraid.

Check the link Netbrian

This vote was a major reversal of public opinion towards the government and a clear victory for al Qaeda. Fuck with them and they’ll hurt you so bad that you’ll lose the support of your people.

Gotta go with the OP on this one.

pierre72, the OP isn’t making the claim that the Socialists bombed spaniards, he’s just angry that the Spanish people essentially capitulated to terrorists.

The U.S. should strengthen relations with the central and eastern european countries, at least they seem to have their heads screwed on halfway straight.

Looks to me like al Qaeda wasn’t quite as crippled by the “war on terror” as has been let on, and Aznar’s government payed the price for that deception. Good on the Spanish for recognizing screwed up leadership for what it is.

It doens’t take a lot of people or resouces to bomb innocent, unsuspecting people.

Looks like I get to be the first to tell the OP to go fuck himself with a quarter mile of rusty barbed wire.

Lucky me.

This seems to be what ‘The New World Order’ is going to be all about… and I mean from whatever side you’re on… as long as we keep on fighting fire with fire, and taking and eye for an eye.

Whoa, I didn’t realize exercising the right to vote for Non-Rightwing parties meant captiulating to the terrorists.

I would also point out the Spanish conservatives attempt to make political hay out of a tragedy by trying to pin the blame on ETA probably cost them a lot of votes in what was already a relatively tight election.

The title of the link is a little misleading. I am not really pissed off that it is the socialists that won, what I am pissed off at is that the socialists won because they promised to pull out Spain from Iraq. It is nothing but cowardly capitulation to terrorist demands. They have only shown that if you kill and threaten you can get countries to do what you want.


Damn it! I can’t believe this! I just can’t believe that they would so blatantly collapse under pressure and give in.

What the fuck happened to Europe after WW2? Did Hitler secretly perform a spinendectomy on the entire God-damned continent?

I am just so disappointed. That, that they would break so easily… I thought that these attacks would only strengthen their resolve but it has only shown how empty and gutless the Spanish people are.

Well fuck them, fuck them all. If need be we will fight alone.

It has already been pointed out the the governing party was heading to victory just prior to the trajedy. Are you suggesting that the terrorist action indicates the the previous Spanish government was deceptive? Your statement just does not make sense

Are the Socialists in Spain going to just let the bombing slide? I think they will be booted out too if they don’t do something to retaliate against the bombing. If the Spanish just roll on the backs and issue apologies to Al-Qaida then the OP will have a point.

I think the problem that many Spanish voters had was the governments insistence that it was ETA in the face of evidence that it was Islamists- as this was seen as more convenient to the ruling party to blame.

Anyway should have never had an “ally” that was 90% opposed to this war in Iraq, and Aznar should had done a lot more to win Spaniards over to his point of view - that intervention in Iraq was necessary - before standing next to Bush. We are better off alone than with this half-assed “coalition”. And most of the Eastern European countries are only in it of r the money too.

You sure?

The OP is disgusting.

Fuck off. Pardon my French. You remember what happened to Spain four days ago, don’t you? You make reference to it in your OP, so I presume you do.

Read further.

And yet, without a madate from the people, they went ahead anyway.

. Yeah, that’s fuel to your fire.

So, Spainiards were dissatisfied with the Conservative government’s stance on Iraq. The bombings precipitated a change in government.

I fail to see how this is a victory for AQ, unless the Socialist party are a front for AQ that Spainiards don’t know about. But, y’know, I don’t think that they are.
The entirety of the OP is an unwarranted and sickening slur on a nation that has suffered terribly in the past week. What? Spaniards can’t think for themselves? They can’t see the bigger picture, yet you can? America has the monopoly on electoral intelligence? You did superbly last time round, didn’t you?

Or is it that Zapatero won’t just follow Bush blindly into attacking whatever tinpot little dictatorship he sets his sights on next? Dammit. If only Bush ran every nation, eh? Now there’s a thought…

So is there an alternative when dealing with terrorists?Is there something to negotiate. Peace for land perhaps? Sure, Spain could just ignore the whole war and allow America to go it alone, but I sense you are speaking for Americans as well. What could America give up to get peace?

Yeah, like sell their oil to you.

Is this kinda like how if you don’t vote for Bush, the terrorists have won?

Do you honestly think this war will bring peace? That boggles the mind. There is absolutely no evidence that this war will do any fucking good whatsoever in the long run. You can sanely argue it both ways. The Spaniards obviously feel that it won’t, and you know what? You don’t get to tell them differently, you stupid little shit. It’s exactly that attitude that makes Americans so despised.

People see things differently from you. That doesn’t make them at fault for MASS MURDER.

You mean besides SUVs and world domination?

I see your point, but it has to stop somewhere. As long as we respond to terrorism by going in and kicking the crap out of whatever nation or people is most responsible, there will be more terrorism to respond to by going in and kicking the crap out whatever nation or people are most responsible. “The War on Terror” as it is being fought today CAN’T be won. No amount of violence is going to end violence. For crying out loud, look at Israel if you want a case study. Has bulldozing houses and shooting Palestinians brought about a reduction in terrorist attacks? No, quite the opposite in fact.

The OP has to be the most stunning display of naked arrogance I’ve ever seen.