God forgive me, women just aren't funny.

I’m sorry. I feel so bad to feel that way, but it actually is a relief to finally admit it. Whew. I know I’m not the first to say it, I know it’s just my opinion and others feel differently, it’s just that I really never wanted to admit it. Laughing is my favorite thing to do. I wanted to root for some girl power on this.

I have had to take this burden off my chest before in other areas. Hip hop for instance…Female artists just aren’t good.

There are exceptions. Lauryn Hill was a great hip hop lyricist. But that’s one in a million, and she’s long gone now. There is a new girl named Azealia Banks, and she is great. But again…she didn’t come along until 15 years after Lauryn Hill left the hip hop scene. Let’s face it. Women aren’t as good as men when it comes to hip hop. My top 50 hip hop artists has 3 women.

Comedy is the same. My top 100 stand up comics has one woman. (Maria Bamford*). Other women I have found funny in the past (Paula Poundstone) have been more of a hit or miss. They tell a couple jokes that make me chuckle. If a man comic offered only that, I would say he was a bad comic.

This threadreminded me of this topic. I swear to you, I thought I was being pranked. I thought people were linking to unfunny female comics on purpose, like trolling or something. I couldn’t believe they thought these women were funny. That Pam Stone link? I wanted to kill myself.

I want to clarify something, though. I’m really saying I don’t think standup comediennes are funny. I think women on t.v. shows are funny. Roseanne made me laugh and Golden Girls is my favorite sitcom of all time. So, I should restate…female stand up comics are not funny. There. I said it. I will hand in my feminist card now. I’m sure I never really deserved it anyway.

*Lots of people think I’m crazy for finding Bamford funny. I’m like, damn, if you take her from me, I have nothing left!

Men are “supposed to” be funnier too, it seems like. If you surveyed straight men and women on the top qualities they look for in a mate I bet more women would say “funny”.

I think Chelsea Handler is really funny though.

Some comedians aren’t very funny to me, it’s just not my sense of humour (in fact, that number is increasing as I get older and new comedians come up the ranks) and some of those comedians are women.

Many comedians are very funny to me, and some of those comedians are women.

Generally there are a lot more male than female stand up comedians and comedy movie actors, and maybe just slightly more male sitcom actors, so there’s already an inherent leaning.

But I totally disagree that women aren’t funny.

I secretly hope that some poster lists the name of a comedienne that truly is funny. Chelsea Handler sho’ aint it.

While I wouldnt disagree that women are less represented and there is a possibilty that the fraction of those that are funny are less than the fraction of men that are funny (the ole bell curve theory)…I’ve certainly had a good belly laugh at some women comics.

Though there are two complications. I suspect those are mostly lesbians and I find myself hilarious for that matter so my standards are pretty low.

Slight hijack: Thanks for mentioning Roseanne Barr - I would have forgotten that her Comedy Central Roast was on tonight. Should be good for some laughs… she’s running for President, isn’t she?

Brett Butler.

I’m a male, and Paula Poundstone is currently my top comic. Any episode of ‘wait wait’ is miles better if she’s on it.

Out of curiosity, Nzinga, do you think this is a matter of content, or of delivery? Would you find women funny if they using a man’s material?

Dude, no way.

I think Elen Degeneres comedy act before she had her sitcom was pretty good. Since her sitcom and so forth, she is a lot less funny.

Personally I think that “women aren’t funny” is going too far; some are, sometimes. Women do on the whole seem to be less funny though. At least in American culture; for all I know they are hysterical in Uzbekistan.

I agree, but phrase it with a less generalizing statement like “On average, men are funnier than women.”

Adam Carolla recently said as much and caught some flack for it. I don’t really see the outrage behind it.

I don’t know. I just don’t know. I like all kinds of delivery. All kinds. I like Hedburg’s cool-ass unique delivery, Carlin’s smartass delivery, Pryor’s manic and hip delivery, Hick’s angry/preachy delivery, C.K.'s natural, honest delivery…I mean. I like all kinds of delivery, so I don’t think that a female comic’s delivery alone would make me not like ANY of them.

As a matter of fact, the one comedienne I do find funny, Bamford, I had to really get used to her delivery before I began to appreciate her. So, I don’t know what it is.

That Brett Butler clip didn’t cause me to crack a smile. Matter of fact, I frowned right through it.

“Wait Wait” does suffer from feeling they need a female panellist on every show though. Poundstones probably the best person on there of any gender, but when she isn’t on the show the other two frequent female panellists are aggressively unfunny. They don’t even try to make jokes any more.

(Some of the non-regular female panellists are decent, though).

(I was going to mention Ellen. The local radio was playing some of her stand-up bits from before her sitcom, and they were pretty good).

Presented without comment.

Okay, one comment;

Warning: racist

Lisa Lampanelli, makes me laugh. I don’t know hopw in the hell she managed to get a free pass from the black community to make the jokes that she makes, but she did it.

I love insult comics, and she’s one of the best around if you ask me.

That said, I agree with the OP. They do however, fair way better in sitcoms.

I mostly agree with you OP, although I’ve seen Deb diGiovani live a couple of times and she damn near makes me pee my pants. I would link but I’m on my phone - try the Winnipeg Comedy Festival on YouTube - even on my phone I was giggling quite a bit.

Also, I must point out that your posts are often quite hilarious and I’m quite sure if I looked under your tail I would find girl parts.

Yeah, but does she post standing up?

The great Christopher Hitchens agreed with you.

Yeah. :slight_smile: