God hates people who ask for forgiveness!

How do you know what god hates?

God hates people who speak for God. Wait, shit.

My-my-my, ain’t you a little ray o sunshine.
One mistake & we’re all damned forever, eh?

Sorry, but I believe in Hope, the one thing left behind when Pandora opened the box.

Sounds legit.

Worst. Code. Ever.

No crazier than any of the more orthodox views.

How does one atone for asking forgiveness?


It’s a piss-orf-the-deity loop.

God hates people who starts more God threads on SDMB.

:slight_smile: haha

:slight_smile: haha

How does one atone for reading this thread? I believe in a merciful god, but this may be too much.

Sackcloth and ashes it is, plus 3 rosaries a day for three months.

god hates figs.

ETA: yet oddly loves persimmons.

Anyone have a copy of the DSM V handy?

Sorry about that, please forgive me.

You seem to be saying that thinking I need to be forgiven is unforgivable.

No, you are forgiven as soon as you stop seeking forgiveness. Much like you will find the love of your life after you stop looking. Metaphorically sitting around in your undewear playing WoW and expecting to meet your true love, if you will.

Yep, it’s not ‘Go forth and sin no more’, it’s more ‘Don’t sin in the first place or your going to Hell’, regardless.

Who are you, OP, the Pope of the Dope?

And does God ever ask for forgiveness?

(earthquakes, floods, pestilence, fires, hurricanes, etc.)

I found this cut-and-paste on a Catholic Answers forum. Their responses are actually more amusing than ours as they are earnestly trying to get Unforgiven-Bot to ask for forgiveness in the face of his screed on nonunforgivenessitude.

If we could harness the energy created by the circular arguments over there, we’d never need another power plant.