God of War

Is anyone else as impressed with this game as I am? The fluid gameplay, the relatively easy learning curve yet still very challenging combat, the great storyline, and the amazingly well-suited music all make for what is, in my opinion, possibly the most fun game ever.

Sure, the game isn’t perfect. It wasn’t anywhere near long enough for one thing, which really is irritating because I’d have loved to continue playing it for much much longer than it was. There were also a few minor issues with the camera for me, but not enough to really take away from the game.

Anyway, does anyone else have an opinion about this game?

I absolutely love this game.
It feels like a mix between Onimusha and Prince of Persia.
I am a sucker for mythology and really like the imagery.
Have you already been to the Temple of Pandora?
That is a beautiful sequence.
I usually only play for about an hour, but I cannot stop playing this game.
I will definitely spend some more time on it this weekend.
I am just hoping that the end is still far, far away.

I have to say, from the reviews I’ve read, I’ve been considering buying a PS2 just for this game. And all the Final Fantasys of course. As well as Gran Turismo 4. And some others. Unfortunately, I just bought a PSP and I find it hard to justify to my checkbook why I need to have another gaming system.
Do you know if the developers have an exclusive contract with Sony? Is it possible this game could ever come out for Gamecube?

Scoundrel Swanswater: Yes, I’ve been to Pandora’s Temple, the way they designed all the areas of the temple to blend together was excellent. I’ve actually completed the game twice so far, working on God Mode now (it’s extremely hard, i’m not sure I’ll actually be able to complete it).

audiobottle: I don’t know for sure, but the game is made by SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.), so my guess would be that they only plan to release for Sony’s own console. I’m not sure about the idea of buying a PS2 solely because of this game though. While it’s probably the best game I’ve ever played, its biggest flaw is the short length of the game. I’d make sure there are a few other titles you want to play before buying a PS2 just for this game.

Hmm… SCEA does sounds like it’s probably limited to Sony. There are plenty of other titles I’d want too, it’s just a matter of too much - PSP, PS2, Gamecube. Considering that a year ago I hadn’t had a game system since NES/Gameboy, it’s seems a bit excessive.

It was made by Sony’s Santa Monica studio, where I work. In fact, if I stand up I can look down over the balcony into the God of War team area. They’re all off on comp time now so the office is pretty dead.

Soooo … no … no chance whatsoever of a Gamecube or XBox version … .

It’s good, but it’s not that good. It’s very solid, highly-polished, and interesting, but it’s not a must-have. I suspect that the reason it’s being so highly reviewed is that it’s a very good game that came as a surprise; it didn’t have a lot of hype surrounding it, so there weren’t unreasonably high expectations.

(Disclaimer: I’m only about halfway through, and I’m told that it gets better.)

If you’re looking for justification to get a PS2, though, I can help: the PS3 is being announced soon, the PS2 prices will drop as will the cost of games, and then you can pick one up and God of War when they’re much cheaper. Along with ICO, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy X, Gran Turismo 4, and Katamari Damacy.

If you just got a PSP, it’s going to be a few months before you can stop playing Lumines, anyway.

It’s sick, actually, I haven’t gotten Lumines yet. I’m holding off for precisely that reason. I know that I can beat Twisted Metal and Wipeout: Pure, but Lumines looks like it’ll take my old Tetris addiction and run with it. Best just to not start down that road yet.
This is probably better suited for another thread, but any word on the PS3? I know they were supposed to preview it but then Sony cancelled it for some reason. It’ll be backwards compatible, yes? I guess I’ll just have to hold of on the PS2 for now. Though Katamari instantly hooked me when I played it at my girlfriend’s house recently. It’s coming out for the DS! Why not the PSP?

It’s going to be shown at the E3 trade show in late May.

Yes it will.

Others (like Pochacco?) can give you more “insider” news, I’m sure, but I’d guess that marketing types decided the Nintendo platform was a better audience for it than the PSP, since it can be seen as a “niche” or “kids” game. I’d be surprised if they didn’t try a PSP version as well, unless they locked into an exclusive deal with Nintendo or something.

The problem with the PS3 coming out soon is my gadget lust. I’ll think, “Shucks, I could buy a PS2 for much cheaper, or… I could spend a ton of money on a PS3 and be able to play all the PSone and PS2 games I’ve always wanted, as well as brand spankin’ new PS3 games!” At the risk of turning this slight thread detour into a full out hijacking at gun point, has there been any word on the pricing on this wunder machine?

I hadn’t heard about KD on the DS instead of the PSP, but I can speculate. It might be nothing more than a scarsity of dev kits in the run up to hardware launch. Even at E3 last year it wasn’t clear that KD would make the splash that it did. The PSP launch slate was likely finalized before KD hit big, meaning that even if they wanted to develop for the PSP at that point they might not have been able to get the dev kits to do it.

If you are an early-adapter, you should wait.
You will however then have to shell out the big bucks.
I personally would buy a PS2 which are very cheap at the moment and wait for the PS3 to go through the first 2 rounds of price reductions.